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This mob can be looted for<br>
This mob can be looted for<br>
*[https://db.techhaven.org/de/show-item/energy-soulblade energy Soulblade]
*[https://db.techhaven.org/item/energy-soulblade energy Soulblade]
*[https://db.techhaven.org/de/show-item/soulcluster-essence soulcluster essence]
*[https://db.techhaven.org/item/soulcluster-essence soulcluster essence]
*[https://db.techhaven.org/de/show-item/ceres-block-store-1-c Ceres Block Store - 1-C]
*[https://db.techhaven.org/item/ceres-block-store-1-c Ceres Block Store - 1-C]
[[Category:Hostile NPC's]]
[[Category:Hostile NPC's]]

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Combat 32.png
Image of Apparition
Race Unknown
120/120 ***
Loot energy Soulblade
soulcluster essence
Ceres Block Store - 1-C
Damage types

energy Damage
xray Damage
DoT Damage

Worm Tunnel in K12 from the Outside
Way to the Apparition's Lair
Apparition, floating above a small island in its Lair

The Apparition is the Boss mob in the Worm_Tunnel in K 12

This mob can be looted for