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Clans inside Neocron are aggregations of players who commit to a Faction, to fight on the Faction's behalf and raise their status in the game.

Usually clans are created for specific purposes (or a combination of purposes) such as:

  • Bringing players together to level and prosper in the game together
  • Bringing tradeskillers together to prosper together
  • Bringing PvPing characters together to conduct OP Wars.
  • Bringing PvPing characters together to gank and annoy other players in the game.
  • Store the personal wealth of an extremely rich player.

Creating a Clan

In order to create a new clan it is first necessary to gain access to the Faction Supply Manager of ones current faction. When you have obtained access simply purchase a clan apartment key from the FSM and activate it. Clan apartment keys can not be activated by characters who have a Law Enforcer chip installed.

List of clans

This is a list of currently active clans on Titan.


City Mercs

Fallen Angels


City Admin




Tangent Technologies

Diamond Real Estate


Twilight Guardian

The Brotherhood of Crahn

The Black Dragon Clan

The Tsunami Syndicate