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About the GoGuardian

GoGuardian are based on the same technology as Gene Replicators, and allow runners to store up to 40 items inside of them which can then be retrieved at any GoGuardian, at any other location inside the game world. GoGuardian's are more commonly referred to a Go-Go's or gogo.

Any runners having trouble locating a GoGuardian can use the NavRay to find one.

There are four different types of GoGuardians however the only difference between them is there appearance and where they can be found. The function of the different types are exactly the same.

'Radar' GoGuardian

Found throughout the wastelands these GoGuardians have a distinctive radar and antennae.

'City' GoGuardian

Found throughout the city and inside Apartments, the most common form of the GoGuardian.

'Purchased' GoGuardian

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'Tech Haven' GoGuardian

Found throughout Tech Haven.