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Troubleshooting the Game

If you have trouble starting the game, please check out the link below

Tradeskilling Guides and work in progress


Beginner Level

Rats, Cockroaches, Small Spiders, Mutated Dogs, Swarm of Bees.

{Descriptions and Pics}

Low Level

Mutants, Aggressors, Preachers, Hurlers, Poisonous Plants, Dragonflies.

{Descriptions and Pics}

Intermediate Level

Cyclops Launchers, Desert Reptiles, Spiderbots, some Fire 'mobs'.

{Descriptions and Pics}

High Level

Warbots, DOY bots, Fire mobs (Chasers, Persecutors, Horrors), Hoverbots.

{Descriptions and Pics}

General Leveling tips / Getting Started

MC5 (The noob version)

Your new character will start in MC5, do the missions that is provided in there, you will get a good starter weapon from that quest-line.

Dialogs in MC5 will give you a basic understanding of trade skills available in the game.

First Encounters in the city of your choice

After you are done with MC5, head back to your apartment and talk to Mr Jones outside.

He will have a mission for you based on your selected profession.

Job Center

Proceed to the Job Center located in Plaza2.

There you will find different kind of missions that will help you on the way.

Job Center missions will provide you will good starting money and XP.

"Terminal Missions"

Faction sympathy is an important part of Neocron, so by doing mission from the CityCom / Wireless R.N. Terminal you will gain both XP/money and Symp with your faction.

One good way is to do the Aggressor missions for your faction. In PP1 you will have a nice cellar with a CityCom right outside.

Another very good spot, at least when you get your first AoE-Weapon is The Pit, located in Plaza 3.

Venturing outside the safety of the city walls

Next up can be either "The Bunker" outside Military Base (J_01) or El Farid underground (J_10).

The bunker provides a CityCom/Wireless R.N. Terminal and alot of Launcher Cyclops outside.

El Farid has no terminal (or suitable missions) but provides a very nice dungeon for teaming.

Epic missions

When you feel like endless grinding in the bunker is enough, it might be a good thing to start doing your factions Epic Mission Epic Guides.

Will give get you in a very good standing with your faction, and a very nice reward as well.

Do note, the epic quest is a requirement for gaining the first WoC Level.


After the Epic, Pathfinder Missions should be next up.

Will give a very high amount of XP and give good pointers on different armor types, dungeons and so on.

Caving, endless caving

Last step of the leveling journey, Caving!

There are a lot of different caves in Neocron, one of the more popular is Chaos Caves right outside Canyon Reloading Point.

Another very nice dungeon is Grave, this dungeon holds some very nice armors and a set of bones.

Remember: The only good bug is a dead bug.

Good luck with your leveling Runner!

Personal Leveling Guide

This guide was originally written by Dan Malone, and details his common levelling paths.


From area MC5, head straight to the Aggie cellars in Plaza 2, running 'hard' Aggressor Captain Missions. Whilst initially very tough, you soon level up to spec enough resist pierce to handle the aggressors there.

Once around strength 50, it's over to the bunker at Military Base to get a few more levels (usually with a laser or plasma wave cannon, from a distance to avoid downtime whilst healing)

From here, there are the options of either Regants Legacy (Very nice xp and decent cash) or Firemobbing around CRP (Whilst XP there isn't as good, cash should be better as Fire Mobs often drop techs)


Personally speaking, I'd go with droning - which can be dull, but is much faster than most other ways of levelling.

Although droning can be faster it is not to start off with... Due to the low drones being bugged they aren't too useful - the support drone is the first AoE drone to be available, and is very effective at dealing with low to mid level mutants.

A suggestion would then be to get someone to make you some research missions to run (fast and easy xp, along with some nice starter cash) and then start droning when you can use a slightly higher level drone - or roll as a rifle / pistol user and get to a reasonable lvl before lomming to drones.

The 95-100dex period is very tedious when droning, it seems to take so long. I prefer to lom to pistols or rifles and cap killing firemobs/warbots for techs and money. It all comes down to patience, of course.

Private Eyes

I haven't leveled one of these after the patch came in... i used to start off all my pe's with melee and then have em drive about in a rhino while a tank gunned then i rep'd it and whatnot... afaik the xp and the rhinos in general arent as good as they used to be.

I would have said go drones but this would leave your psi/str/con unleveled so im guessing just go with the conventional pistols/rifles and lvl from there... Personally i would go HC pe tho to lvl from experience, its fast, fun and something different

In general a PE should be leveled as you would the class you are basing their primary weapon off of. A pistol or rifle PE can level much like a spy, and a heavy weapons PE can level as if it were a (more fragile) tank. If you plan to use vehicles, as soon as you have one and repair skills to keep it alive, hunting the wastes can become very lucrative.

Psi Monks

Now requires alot of time and patience I would say go apu and lvl like the tank above except i go to crp caves/el farid instead of the regants part... Ive had a ppu with me the whole time doing this so if you cant do the same i suggest starting ppu and u will need to find groups to be able to lvl.

A researching monk could be a way to lvl in the beginning (run noob res missions to lvl) but im unsure of how the xp rate would work out to begin with. Other than that im not sure

If people reading this ARE new players, i stronly suggest a tank as your first char, easy to lvl... and are very viable in most situations