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The Neocron Wiki is the largest English wiki for the MMOFPS Neocron.


Neocron Wiki (formally NC-Wiki) is an unoficial Wiki project for Neocron 2 spawned by the need for a collated library of NC 2 information, to enable new players to get through the steep learning curve, and also allow older more advanced players the benefit of passing down their wealth of information to newer players. NC wiki was created on the 6th of November 2006 and was opened to the public not long after, and was relaunched under the Techhaven Network banner on the 25th of February 2008 as part of a larger launch of version 2 of the wiki.


Originally setup by Delphi as the only English Neocron Wiki site under the name in November of 2004, the wiki was slow to pick users and was left to its own devices for much of the first year. A colaberation was created with nc-wiki and the Techhaven network and the site was soon moved to the domain name linked from the nc-wiki site (kindly donated by Brammers. The site was not totally affiliated with the Techhaven Network community site however and the number of articles on the site continued to grow. In December 2007, after a short period of inaccessability due to Delphi the lead admin being busy with other projects, nc-wiki was fully amalgamated with the Techhaven Network.

Soon work began to reskin and relaunch the wiki, under the Techhaven banner, with Brammers assisting with a new extension linking the wiki to the excellent THN item database. Delphi reskinned the site, and developed some new icons to suit the new look, the site was decided to be rebranded to the Neocron Wiki and the launch of the second incarnation of the wiki happened. Since then numbers have been steady, with a influx of people finding the wiki through the THN links.


The main aim of the wiki is to document every aspect of the Neocron game, and allow the players to write guides and articles of the Neocron universe to help both new players to the world, and older veterans. The wiki runs on Mediawiki software, and the current version is 1.11.1 (r1834), and a list of all the extensions installed on the wiki can be seen here.

The admins

The current admins and helpers who have volunteered to help run the wiki are:


The wiki team would like to thank the following people:

  • Brammers for his help in setting up the wiki, offering webspace for the intial wiki, and then agreeing to bring the wiki into the THN umbrella of sites, thus allowing the wiki to become part of the largest resource site network for Neocron.
  • Delphi for founding and setting up the wiki
  • Solid Rock for helping to set up the wiki
  • And all the Sysops and Admins who have been part of the wiki.

Without all of these peoples help then the wiki would not be in the position it is today!