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Placeable turrets provide an extra security layer for any captured Outpost, making it harder for attackers to recapture it or simply prevent very small groups from ninja capping naked OP for themselves. They are also a way for Constructors to directly contribute to fighters defending the place.

Placing a turret

Turrets can be placed anywhere inside any own Outpost where there is solid ground. Simply use them from your inventory window and if the place is accepted, the security package gonna be consumed and the turret will spawn on the runner's feet. Turrets require a significant investment into Construction skill, best models require up to 250 skill. Double-check the place, because you cannot move the existing turret that has been placed and they cost a significant amount of money.

Turret behaviour

By default, turrets will attack on sight anyone from a faction that is hostile to a faction affiliated with a clan that owns the Outpost. You can change security settings in any CityCom. Go to Info - Outpost - Select the Outpost you own - Edit Security then click one of the links with the desired security level. If any of the turrets is destroyed, it will broadcast a message in Clan channel that there is a security breach.

Turret security settings.jpg

  • Attack none - the turrets won't attack anyone unless attacked on purpose
  • Attack enemy - default setting, turrets will attack on sight members of hostile factions
  • Attack not faction - turrets will attack on sight anyone that is not in the owner's faction, friendly or not
  • Attack not clan - turrets will attack on sight anyone that is not in the owner's clan

Turret models

Model used by MG, Laser and Plasma turrets
Model used by Gatlin and Artillery turrets
Stun-trap turret

Turrets exist in a few different models depending on the need and damage type.

MG turret

Simple machinegun turret. Equivalent of Street rifle, deals Icon piercing.png damage. Short range, medium rate of fire.

Laser turret

Turret with a mounted laser weapon. Equivalent of Laser rifle modded for High-Voltage Powercell. Deals Icon energy.png damage. Medium range, slow rate of fire

Plasma turret

Turret with a mounted plasma weapon. Equivalent of Plasma rifle, deals Icon energy.png Damage. Medium range, fast rate of fire

Gatlin turret

Heavy machinegun turret. Equivalent of Gatlin rifle modded for Explosive Rounds. Deals Icon piercing.png and Icon force.png damage. Medium range, fast rate of fire

Artillery turret

Shoots energy bolts in an arc with good range. Equivalent of Ball blast module. Deals Icon force.png damage and applies stack of Radiation Injury negative effect that deals additional Icon xray.png damage over time. Long range, medium rate of fire

Stun-trap turret

It's not functional in current build of the game. From its visuals, it should work like Parashock Sanctum


Turrets can sometimes do "invisible damage" with no visual indicator, broken animation, and not even in the damage log. It depends on the location of the turret and its type, Mk3 being the most prone to this probably because of their increased model size.