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This is the Neocron World map, all the sectors are linked to pages explaining the resources within the sectors, so explore the Neocron world through the wiki!

Neocron (City)Dome Of YorkTechhavenMilitary BaseTwilight Guardian Canyon FacilityMilitary BaseDome Of YorkDome Of YorkDome Of YorkTechhavenTechhavenTwilight Guardian CanyonNeocron (City)Neocron (City)Neocron (City)Battle DomeEl Farid OasisAncient Yucida VillageEscador OasisEl Farid VillageAncient Loba VillageGaia MineDesert RacetrackGaia MineOld Greycore OutpostBlakkmist Garbage DumpCanyon Reloading PointGaia MineCatlock BayRegants LegacyCalida VillageTawkeen VillageCrest VillagePoint RedMutant TrapSherman BayRockshore FactoryDrakkhan FortressNorthstar UplinkTescom UplinkYutano MineSyncon LabSieger UplinkChester LabEmmerson FactoryAvenger MineTristar UplinkCajun UplinkJankins LabHawkins UplinkMalstrond FactoryBlackhill FortressNemesis LabSoliko LabEastgate FactoryGabanium MineTezla FactoryRegant FortressDevereaux FortressCycrow LabShirkan FortressGravis UplinkRedrock MineCrest UplinkFoster UplinkGrant MineTyron FactoryKrupp FactoryCeres MineJeriko FortressMcPherson FactorySimmons FactoryK 02K 03K 04K 05K 06K 07K 08K 09K 10K 11K 12K 13K 14K 15K 16J 02J 03J 04J 05J 06J 07J 08J 09J 10J 11J 12J 13J 14J 15J 16I 02I 03I 04I 05I 06I 07I 08I 09I 10I 11I 12I 13I 14I 15I 16H 03H 04H 05H 06H 07H 08H 09H 10H 11H 12H 13H 14H 15H 16G 03G 04G 05G 06G 07G 08G 09G 10G 11G 12G 13F 02F 03F 04F 05F 06F 07F 08F 09F 10F 11F 12F 13E 03E 05E 06E 07E 08E 09E 10E 11E 12E 13D 05D 06D 07D 08D 09D 10D 11D 12D 13C 06C 07C 08C 09C 10C 11C 12C 13B 06B 07B 08B 09B 10B 11A 06A 07A 08A 09A 10A 11K 01J 01I 01

World Map Key

  • Map Icon Zone.png Wasteland Zone
  • Map Icon Outpost.png Outpost Zone
  • Map Icon Outpost Factory.png Outpost Zone (Factory)
  • Map Icon Outpost Lab.png Outpost Zone (Lab)
  • Map Icon Outpost Mine.png Outpost Zone (Mine)
  • Map Icon Outpost Fortress.png Outpost Zone (Fortress)
  • Map Icon Zone City.png City
  • Map Icon Nema Outpost.png Outpost
  • Map Icon Nema City.png City Entrance
  • Map Icon Nema Village.png Point of interest
  • Map Icon Nema Village GR.png Point of interest with GenRep