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Wiki FAQs

Q - Why is the time stamp on the Recent Changes page wrong?

A - This is because the server runs on GMT time - for simplicity of use.

Q - How do i edit a page?

A - Once registered, this is a very simple task and people will see your input straight away!
Check Here for how to do it.

Q - How do i register?

A - Click the "Log in/Create Account" in the top right hand corner. Choose a UserName and Password and away you go! There is no need to provide an e-mail however it enables others to contact you through your user or user_talk page without needing to reveal your identity.

Q - How do i use different formats on my page?

A - There are various formating options available to you from heading sizes, bullets, text format etc.
Check Here for examples of what you need to type to achieve the right look for your page.

Q - How do I add a signature to the talk page?

A - There are two ways to add your signature to any talk pages, primarily you can do it by pressing Button sig.png or you can add it with ~~~~ which will add the signature and time stamp, ~~~~~ will just add the signature without the time stamp and ~~~ will just add the time stamp.

Q - Why is it important to sign a talk page?

A - As part of the wiki policy we like all talk pages to be signed when a comment is made which enables people to keep track of conversations, and keeps a certain amount of accountability to the comments.


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