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The Neocron Wiki Policy Index

Site Policy »

The site policy explains what content is acceptable, and what conventions should be followed when creating an article on the wiki.
Article Policy »
The article policy explains what is expected of an article within the neocron wiki and how to format the article correctly
News Policy »
The news policy explains the site policy on both ingame news and also site news reported through the news sections.
Image Policy »
The image policy explains how images taken within the game should be taken, and what format the files should be saved into.
User Policy »
The user policy explains what is allowed in the userspace, and the conduct expected of the user whilst using the site.
Clan Policy »
The clan policy governs the use of the site to add a clan page within the wiki, for advertising, and promoting of the clan.
Sysop Policy »
The sysop policy explains what is expected from the site Sysops, and how you can apply to become one.
Video and Sound Policy »
The Video and Sound policy discusses the use of the sound and video plugin for the wiki
Disambiguation Policy »
The Disambiguation policy discusses the use disambiguation pages on the wiki