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  • Sysops should only allow a redirect to the main article if the redirect will help with the search function of the site, they should avoid using mispelt words in redirects.


  • Pages destined for deletion should be added to the Pages to be deleted page and a reason should be added, this then stops anyone from deleting pages without all Sysops agreement.
Once the tag is added, on the talk page the {{voting}} template should be added, and a week should been given for the discussion for the removal of the page.
These pages should also have a {{deletion}} tag placed on the page.
  • All pages should be considered to follow the deletion policy if required, this includes discussion pages, images, and also templates - failure to follow this policy could lead to a loss of information stored within the page if there is relevance to the topic.


  • Sysop positions are normally allocated by the lead admins, Delphi and Brammers to people who seem to be helping the wiki in a very positive way. However if you wish to be nominated to become a Sysop then posting a request on one of the admin talk pages and it will be discussed.