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This user helped to beta test
Neocron 1.


This user helped to beta test
Neocron 2.


This user employs warbots to count his contributions.

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This user is a member of
Phoenix Ltd. on Terra.


This user only drinks
Cron 55 Beer  .

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This user helped defeat
Zeus in the Phoenix Epic.

δρDelphi (t)(c) - not just a programming language... - δφDelphi (t)(c)

  • THN: I am an admin for the Techhaven Network, and the Prophecy Network sites
  • Wiki: I am the Lead Admin for the NC Wiki
  • Emergency: Contact me through msn ( delphi_wiki at hotmail dot com )
or in an emergency email ( at gmail dot com )
  • However the best way is to post on my talk page
  • Real: I am a PhD. Student in Physics in the UK
  • Currently: Back in Neocron causing chaos and poking people (Leveling a new rifle Spy)
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