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Outposts are small installations within the wastelands between Neocron and the Dome of York. Nobody knows who created them in the first place, however many small battles between factions have occurred to gain control of the installations. Outposts give the holding clan, faction and side (Pro City and Anti City) a bonus to whatever the installation is used for. For example should the holding clan take over a Mine then they will be given a bonus to their recycling skills within that sector.

Capturing an Outpost

The HackTerm - The first three security layers protecting an outpost can be breached by hacking this terminal
The Security Terminal in Hacknet - The fourth and final obstacle when hacking an Outpost

In order to successfully capture an Outpost, it is required that the attacking clan has access to three hackers with a skill level of around 115. Upon entering the Outpost the team should make sure that they are in a safe position, both covering the underground entrance of the outpost and check for turrets in and around the Hack term. Once it has been checked that these areas are free from dangers the hackers should move into position at the hack terminal, and the remainder of the team should be supporting them.

The order in which the hackers will hack each layer should be decided beforehand, so as to reduce any delay when attempting to take the outpost, as once the first layer of the hack goes down then there will be a message broadcast to all members of the clan who the outpost currently belongs too. This is more than likely to bring defenders running to the outpost to find out what is going on and mount a defence. Therefore it is vital that the whole attacking team is in position before the attack begins.

Sometimes the hack is too hard for the hackers to complete, if this is the case then the following items can be used/cast onto the hacker to increase their hacking skill:



Crahn Holy Spy Booster

Crahn Holy Spy Booster

Once the first layer of the hack goes down, and after each subsequent layer the following message is broadcast to any members the defending clan who are online:

CLAN>INFO: Outpost Foster Uplink is under attack. Security System Barrier 1 is disabled.

A successful hack also locks the signature of the hacker, meaning that next layer needs to be hacked by another person. Another hacking attempt is blocked for 1 minute regardless of success or failure. Once the three layers have been taken down, then a fourth hacker is required in the zone in hacknet corresponding to the outpost being taken, within this zone there is a small security terminal that just needs to be clicked for the acquisition of the outpost to be complete. Sometimes the fight to disable the final layer within hacknet can be quite brutal, as some clans will put up a last-ditch attempt to stop the final hacker.

If a defending hacker manages to hack a layer in the physical outpost before the attacking clan disables all four layers then the outpost security system is reset. This means the attackers will need to start the hack again from the first layer to gain acquisition of the outpost. Signature locks for attackers are then released.

After the successful hack of the outpost, its security systems allow you to declare who can and who can't use the Outpost's GR and who the turrets placed around the Outpost (if any) will shoot at.

Outpost vendors

An outpost is a very important player holdable installation which can be found within the wastelands. Only a clan is able to claim an outpost, however they are very contestable. The vendors located within an outpost generally sell items much cheaper than the vendors in the city. Additionally, the Outpost vendors give 30% discounts to the current occupying clan and 15% to the holding faction and its allies. Couple this with a high level barter character and items become considerably cheaper when bought at Outposts. Each Outpost has a Medic that sells drugs and medkits and ammo vendor including vhc ammo.

Outpost type exclusive vendors:

  • Fortress: TL40-70 Hightech weapons, weapon mods
  • Factory: Weapon parts, TL90-100 Construction tools and substance, weapon mods
  • Uplink: TL12-60 Hacknet software
  • Mine: TL14-60 Lowtech weapons, TL90-100 Recycling tools and substance
  • Lab: TL90-100 Research tools and substance, empty datacubes

Outpost underground facility

Each Outpost has an underground facility, where clan can hangout and plan next move or regroup for defense. If clan open their GR to others, they will spawn in there. To open or close a GR, go to any CityCom station, Info - Outpost - Select your Outpost - Edit security

  • GR ALL - anybody can use Outpost GR
  • GR FRIEND - owner faction and their allies can use the GR
  • GR FACTION - only the same faction as owner can use the GR
  • GR CLAN - only the holding clan can use the GR

Outpost Bonii

Outpost Type Bonus Type Holding Clan Holding Faction Holding Side Locations
Factory Construct (CST) +44 CST +33 CST +22 CST Rockshore Factory, Tyron Factory, McPherson Factory, Simmons Factory, Eastgate Factory, Krupp Factory, Emmerson Factory, Malstrond Factory, Tezla Factory
Lab Research (RES) +44 RES +33 RES +22 RES Cycrow Lab, Jankins Lab, Nemesis Lab, Soliko Lab, Chester Lab, Syncon Lab
Mine Recycle (REC) +44 REC +33 REC +22 REC Ceres Mine, Redrock Mine, Grant Mine, Gabanium Mine, Avenger Mine, Yutano Mine
Uplink Hack (HCK) +44 HCK +33 HCK +22 HCK Gravis Uplink, Crest Uplink, Foster Uplink, Hawkins Uplink, Sieger Uplink, Tristar Uplink, Cajun Uplink, Northstar Uplink, Tescom Uplink
Fortress Combat (Combat) +44 Combat Skills +33 Combat Skills +22 Combat Skills Jeriko Fortress, Shirkan Fortress, Regant Fortress, Devereaux Fortress, Blackhill Fortress, Drakkhan Fortress