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From the official Neocron website:
With the help of a Recycling Tool, this subskill allows to turn of junk of all kinds into ammunition, chemicals or metals. A high subskill level makes the recycling process faster; Dexterity also influences the speed somewhat.

Recycling: An Overview

Recycling is a Dexterity subskill which allows you to convert miscellaneous, usually worthless items into usable items. The Recycling skill is always aided by the Recycling or Salvage tools (see image).
An example of a Tech Level 55 Recycling Tool. Note that Recycle tools and Salvage tools look the same in Neocron
The Recycle tool allows you to convert forwards, from junk into items and ammunition or chemicals. The Salvage tool allows you to convert backwards, for example taking a weapon and converting it back into the parts it was made out of, then converting those parts into the chemicals the parts were made out of.

The Basics:

There are 3 things you can do with the recycle skill: Recycling, Cloning, and Salvaging

  • Recycling means to take a specific assortment of junk according to a recipe and make an item out of it.
  • Cloning takes a sample of an item and uses assorted junk to make more of the sample item.
  • Salvaging takes a finished product and breaks it into its component parts; you need 35 in recycling to salvage and a salvage device.

Using any of these recycle based methods trains both Int and Dex and is great for low-level runners, as you can make your own ammo, healing nanites, medkits, and even weapons without leaving dungeons or hunting areas. You need to have the Tech level of the item you are making. Most items can be made with 50 in recycle or lower, and there is not much need for recycling over 100 (except for salvaging).

To Recycle

  1. Open the Processor (F7).
  2. Drag your Recycling Tool into the first slot.
  3. Drag the Recipe Items named below one after each other into the other processor slots.
  4. Click the START Button.

Also if you put 2 Construction parts in your processor with your recycler and nothing else you will get a part2. if you put two part2s in you will get a part3 and so on up to part 10. this works for all parts - weapon parts, armour parts, vehicle parts, implant parts, weponmod parts etc. The tech level of the next higher quality is always plus 5. Quality "1" or "A" is always TL 5, "2" or "B" is then TL 10, next has TL 15, etc. This is a good way to get those part 8-10 blueprints (Assuming you have research as well). You can then sell the blueprints to other players. and in my experience the sell price of a part 2 is 2x a part 1 and so on up so it can be a good way to lighten your load in a dungeon. People call this cloning parts though it requires no random junk.

To Clone
This can be used to for example make more ammo using found junk.

  1. Open the Processor (F7)
  2. Place your recycle tool into the processor
  3. Place the item you wish to clone immediately after the slot you placed in your processor
  4. Place whatever junk you wish to use in cloning the sample into the other processor slots. Be warned though that if the junk items you place into the processor happen to be items required for a specific recycling recipe to create another item, that recipe will take precedence and you will end up having recycled something other than the item you were trying to clone. Make sure the junk you are using does not correspond to a recycling recipe! - or put the cloning sample into the big slot to make sure.
  5. Click the START button

To Salvage

  1. Open the Processor (F7)
  2. Put the salvage device in slot 1 and the item you wish to break down in slot 2, if there is more than one item(other than salvage device) in your processor it will try to guess. Be warned: the salvage device looks exactly like your recycle device, I have often lost parts or medkits this way, so check the device name.
  3. Click the START button

If it says something like "you need more cataclyctic recycling fluid", You need to buy some fluid. Fluid can be found in Cryton's Techtools and Tech Angels Equipment. If you already have fluid, make sure it is in your inventory, not in the processor or your quickslots.

Recycling Recipes

Chemical Recipes

Chemical Recipes
Chemical Name TL Material NC
Solantium 0 4x Chitin 20
Meritium 1 2x chitin
1x wood
1x wire
Arilium 2 3x Green Poison Gland
1x wood
1x Chitin
Metal D 4 3x green poisongland
2x brown poisongland
1x small meat
Tiberal 7 2x blue poisongland
4x Medium Meat
Tripantol 12 3x Glass
3 Big Meat
1x Wood
Strastin 18 3x Metal Pipes
2x Metal Plates
3x Wire Junk
Trisol 29 2x Solantium
2x Metal Plates
Adiclovin 35 1x Solantium
3x Metal D
2x Big Meat
1x Glass
Gamonin 40 1x Solantium
1x Metal D
1x Trisol
1x Adiclovin
Plastat Alloy 80 1x Trisol
1x Element T(Epic Run Item)

NC price @ Buy with barter 0 in plaza

Armor Recipes

Armor Recipes
Armor Name TL Material Protection NC
Shabby Leather armorsuit1 4 3 bloody skin
1x Tuff of hair
Frc 27 Prc 10 Fire 16 125
leather skin 12 4 bloody skin
4x Mutated Limbs
Frc 33 Prc 13 Fire 20 350
Good leather Armorsuit3 24 5x Small limbs
2x Bloody skin
Frc ? Prc ? Fire ? 700
Shabby Metal-Plated Vest 1 4 2x Metal Plates
4x Metal Pipes
Frc 24 Prc 29 120
Metal-Plated Vest 2 12 4x Metal Plates
3x Metal Pipes
Frc 30 Prc 37 350
Good Metal-Plated Vest 24 6x Metal Plates
2x Metal Pipes
Frc 39 Prc 47 700
Shabby Wiremesh Suit 4 2x Small limbs
2x Wire junk
Frc 27 Prc 8 Enr19 90
Wiremesh Suit 12 3x Small limbs
1x Wire Junk
4x Cable
Frc 33 Prc 10 Enr 23 350
Good Wiremesh Suit 24 4x small limbs
2x Cable
2x Processor
Frc43 Prc 13 Enr 30 700

NC=YO's Sell price @ barter 0 Int 20 Prices will vary based on INT and Barter levels rounded to nearest 5 |}

Weapon Recipes

Weapon Recipes
Weapon Name TL Material Requirements NC
Beggar nailgun 1 1x Metal pipe
1x Wire junk
1x Metal plate
2x Sm Hydraulic Parts
Dex 1 PC 2 50
Lazar Rifle 2 1x Metal Pipes
5x Wood
Dex 2 RC 5 90
Lazar gun 2 3x wood
1x Metal Pipes
2x Metal Plates
Dex 2 PC 5 90
Begger Electroshocker 5 1x Metal pipes
2x wire junk
1x processor
Str 5 MC 12 TC6 210
Medicant Rifle 6 3x Metal Plates
1x Metal Pipes
3x Wire junk
Dex 6 RC 15 255
Medicant SMG 7 3x Wood
1x Metal Plates
1x Metal Pipes
1x Wire Junk
Dex 7 PC 17 285
Junk knife 21 1x Metal Plate
1x Wood
2x Wire junk
Str 21 MC 51 855

NC=YO's Sell price @ barter 0 Int 20 Prices will vary based on INT and Barter levels rounded to nearest 5


Datacubes come in 3 types, empty Datacube is used for reserch, empty book is a freeform notepad only usable one time. Recordable disk is like the book but repededly editable. most people feel the cost of the components make recycling these items not worth the time or effort. these items are not reserchable and you can buy empty datacubes for less than 200nc.

Datacube Recipes
Cube Name TL Materials Materials Materials
Empty Datacube 30 3x Cable
2x Processor
1x Tronik Parts
1x Biotech Garbage
1x Broken implant
Empty Book 0 2x Ancient Launcher Connectors
4x Large Hydrolic Parts
1x Processor
1x Hardware Scraps
1x Tronik Parts
1x Energy Generator
Recordable Disc 0 1x Ancient Launcher Connectors
2x Large Hydrolic Parts
1x Hardware based OS
1x energy generator
1x Defunct CopBot Ethic Chip

NC=YO's Sell price @ barter 0 Int 20 Prices will vary based on INT and Barter levels rounded to nearest 5

Trophy Recipes

If you are lucky enough to pick up the carcass or other remains of a monster in the game, you can use a recycle tool and certain junk items to create a trophy item. This trophy item can be placed like furniture inside your apartment, or you can collect a series of trophies and trade them with an NPC to receive a Master Trophy item.

Look HERE for information on what mobs drop trophies and how to recycle them.