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Cryton's Techtools

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Cryton's Techtools are the general equipment stores in Neocron City and in other major outposts in the wastes (such as Military Base and Techhaven).

They sell not only all tools from TL-30 to TL-150, but also equipment parts (excepting vehicle parts and parts 9 and 10 which must be looted, recycled or constructed), Chemicals, and other necessities such as Datacubes and the substances consumed by medium-high TL research, construction, repair and implanting.

Items Sold


Cryton HT-TL30 Hacktool Cryton HT-TL30 Hacktool   Cryton HT-TL55 Hacktool Cryton HT-TL55 Hacktool  
Cryton HT-TL75 Hacktool Cryton HT-TL75 Hacktool   Cryton HT-TL90 Hacktool Cryton HT-TL90 Hacktool  
Cryton RRN-80 Remote Repair Nanites Cryton RRN-80 Remote Repair Nanites   BioTech IT-TL30 Remote Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL30 Remote Implant Tool  
Cryton SD-TL30 Salvage Device Cryton SD-TL30 Salvage Device   Cryton RD-TL30 Recycling Device Cryton RD-TL30 Recycling Device  
Cryton SD-TL55 Salvage Device Cryton SD-TL55 Salvage Device   Cryton RD-TL55 Recycling Device Cryton RD-TL55 Recycling Device  
BioTech IT-TL55 Personal Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL55 Personal Implant Tool   Object Removal Tool Object Removal Tool  
Cryton SD-TL75 Salvage Device Cryton SD-TL75 Salvage Device   Cryton SD-TL90 Salvage Device Cryton SD-TL90 Salvage Device  
Cryton RD-TL75 Recycling Device Cryton RD-TL75 Recycling Device   Cryton RD-TL90 Recycling Device Cryton RD-TL90 Recycling Device  
Cryton RT-TL30 Research Tool Cryton RT-TL30 Research Tool   Cryton RT-TL55 Research Tool Cryton RT-TL55 Research Tool  
Cryton RT-TL75 Research Tool Cryton RT-TL75 Research Tool   Cryton RT-TL90 Research Tool Cryton RT-TL90 Research Tool  
Cryton RP-TL30 Repair Tool Cryton RP-TL30 Repair Tool   Cryton RP-TL55 Repair Tool Cryton RP-TL55 Repair Tool  
Cryton RP-TL75 Repair Tool Cryton RP-TL75 Repair Tool   Cryton RP-TL90 Repair Tool Cryton RP-TL90 Repair Tool  
Cryton CD-TL30 Construction Device Cryton CD-TL30 Construction Device   Cryton CD-TL55 Construction Device Cryton CD-TL55 Construction Device  
Cryton CD-TL75 Construction Device Cryton CD-TL75 Construction Device   Cryton CD-TL90 Construction Device Cryton CD-TL90 Construction Device  
Cryton RP-S52 Remote Repair Tool Cryton RP-S52 Remote Repair Tool   BioTech IT-TL55 Remote Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL55 Remote Implant Tool  
BioTech IT-TL75 Remote Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL75 Remote Implant Tool   BioTech IT-TL90 Remote Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL90 Remote Implant Tool  
BioTech IT-TL30 Personal Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL30 Personal Implant Tool   BioTech IT-TL75 Personal Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL75 Personal Implant Tool  

BioTech IT-TL90 Personal Implant Tool BioTech IT-TL90 Personal Implant Tool  

Tools Equipment

Halogen Flashlight Halogen Flashlight   Stealth activator Stealth activator  
Stealth activator II Stealth activator II   Stealth activator III Stealth activator III  
Empty Datacube Empty Datacube   Repair Lube Repair Lube  
Research Substance Research Substance   Implant Disinfection Gel Implant Disinfection Gel  
Construction Grease Construction Grease   Catalytic Recycling Conversion Fluid Catalytic Recycling Conversion Fluid  
Big Pack of Repair Lube Big Pack of Repair Lube   Big Pack of Research Substance Big Pack of Research Substance  
Big Pack of Implant Disinfection Gel Big Pack of Implant Disinfection Gel   Big Pack of Construction Grease Big Pack of Construction Grease  

Big Pack of Catalytic Recycling Conversion Fluid Big Pack of Catalytic Recycling Conversion Fluid  

Hacknet Software

HEW Attack Software v 1.013 HEW Attack Software v 1.013   HEW Attack Software v0.012 Beta  
HEW Attack Software v0.027 Alpha   Cryton Regeneration Software v1.211  
Cryton Regeneration Software v0.017 Alpha  

Cryton Defense Software v1.000  

Chemicals & Parts

Solantium Solantium   Meritium Meritium  
Arillium Arillium   Metal D Metal D  
Tiberal Tiberal  

Trisol Trisol  

Basic Implants

Experimental Mindcontrol CPU V2.1 Experimental Mindcontrol CPU V2.1   Drone Distance Interface V1.1 Drone Distance Interface V1.1  
Targetingcomputer V0.01 Targetingcomputer V0.01   Experience Melee Memory V0.01 Beta Experience Melee Memory V0.01 Beta  
Long Distance CPU V.0.1 Long Distance CPU V.0.1   Synapse Berserk MOD X-11 Synapse Berserk MOD X-11  
Vehicle Interface V1.1 Vehicle Interface V1.1   Hacking Accelerator V1.1 Hacking Accelerator V1.1  
Construction Coordinator V1.0 Construction Coordinator V1.0   Advanced Movement Controler V1.1 Advanced Movement Controler V1.1  
Balance Advancer V1.01 Balance Advancer V1.01   Experimental Balistic Chip V2.1 Experimental Balistic Chip V2.1  
Neural Advancement V0.1 Neural Advancement V0.1   Coordination Advancement V0.1 Coordination Advancement V0.1  
Close Combat CPU V.1.1 Close Combat CPU V.1.1   Synapse Soldier MOD S-11 Synapse Soldier MOD S-11  
Mindcontrol CPU V1.1 Mindcontrol CPU V1.1   Enhanced Physics CPU V0.1 Enhanced Physics CPU V0.1  
Persistence Advancement CPU V0.1   Cyber GPU V0.1 Cyber GPU V0.1  
Smart Cyber GPU V1.01 Smart Cyber GPU V1.01   Melee Coordinator V0.1 Melee Coordinator V0.1  
Pistol Targeting Matrix V0.1 Pistol Targeting Matrix V0.1   Rifle Targeting Matrix V0.1 Rifle Targeting Matrix V0.1  
Drone Targetting Matrix V0.1 Drone Targetting Matrix V0.1   Heavy Targeting Matrix V0.1 Heavy Targeting Matrix V0.1  
Reflexbooster V0.1 Reflexbooster V0.1   Hardenbackbone V1.0 Hardenbackbone V1.0  
Advanced Nerves V1.0 Advanced Nerves V1.0   Dexterity Booster 1 Dexterity Booster 1  
Strength Booster V1.0 Strength Booster V1.0   Advanced Heart v0.1 Advanced Heart v0.1  
Strengthen Heart v0.1 Strengthen Heart v0.1   Cyber Heart v0.1 Cyber Heart v0.1  
Filter Heart v0.1 Filter Heart v0.1   Reflexbooster V0.2 Reflexbooster V0.2  
Reflexbooster V0.3 Reflexbooster V0.3   Reflexbooster V0.4 Reflexbooster V0.4  
Hardenbackbone V2.0 Hardenbackbone V2.0   Hardenbackbone V3.0 Hardenbackbone V3.0  
Advanced Nerves V2.0 Advanced Nerves V2.0   Advanced Nerves V3.0 Advanced Nerves V3.0  
Dexterity Booster V2.0 Dexterity Booster V2.0   Dexterity Booster V3.0 Dexterity Booster V3.0  
Strength Booster V2.0 Strength Booster V2.0  

Strength Booster V3.0 Strength Booster V3.0  

Bone Implants

Headbone Headbone   Chest Enforcement Chest Enforcement  
Arm Enforcement Arm Enforcement   Leg Enforcement Leg Enforcement  
Foot Enforcement Foot Enforcement   Advanced Headbone Advanced Headbone  
Biotech Advanced Chest Enforcement Biotech Advanced Chest Enforcement   Advanced Arm Enforcement Advanced Arm Enforcement  
BioTech Advanced Leg Enforcement BioTech Advanced Leg Enforcement   BioTech Advanced Foot Enforcement BioTech Advanced Foot Enforcement