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Hack Tool


The hacker is the key figure in just about all regions, not only that he can Hack any kind of electronic lock, he also has the cyberspace of Hacknet at his availability. In these he can surf networks like genrep-net and move freely from one place to another . Also he can penetrate into faction networks and bring sensible data about members of the network to his knowledge. In the fight for the outposts he is irreplaceable, because without him mainframe programmes cannot be altered. First choice for being a hacker would be a Spy, but Monks could use their high intelligence to dive into the world of hacking. Also many Private Eyes do not want to loose out on the privileges hacking offers.

Classes and Skills

Classes available: Private Eye, Spy, Psi Monk

Primary skill: Hacking (HCK)

Secondary skills: Agility (AGL), Body health (HLT), Hightech combat (T-C)