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    The hacknet is a whole new world implented with Neocron 2. All classes except Gentanks can enter it.
    There exist two different types of hacknet. The level areas and the net.

    World Wide Net

    geographical Hacknet Map

    You can enter the Net by hacking a GeneReplicator with a skill from about 30 (you only need a Hacktool). When you hacked the GR, you will enter your Faction DNS.

    Faction DNS

    In the Faction DNS you will find level areas, the Infected Storages and you will find the faction database. You also can reach the Mainframe with other Faction DNS' and the Outer Network. In the Outer Network you can travel trough the GRs.

    This is also one of the prime areas for hunting Code Fragment #Spine-001 to Code Fragment #Spine-006 for the Spine Mark-6 Codebreaker from the mobs.

    Faction Database

    Each Faction has Unique Items to download from the Database. The Firewall High Security is located on the highest point of the Faction DNS.

    To Download items from a database you need: High Capacity Datacube - TL 90  
    When you want download items from a foreign database (not your faction) you need: Spine Mark-6 Codebreaker  

    You will get the Code Fragment #Spine-001 to Code Fragment #Spine-006 for the Spine Mark-6 Codebreaker from the ICD V2.2.2 of each Faction.

    City Admin

    Special Forces Plasma Wave  

    Diamond Real Estate

    Electric Tempest  


    Machina Repair Glove  NEXT Rhino 4x4 Chaincraft V.2  Vehicle Interface V1.3  

    Tangent Technologies

    Machina Construction Glove  Experimental Ion Blaster Drone  Exp Ion Nuke MK 1 Drone  Raging Weasel Ceres Ion Drone  Mosquito  


    Machina Implant Glove  Biotech EPIT-40.12 Personal Injector  


    Machina Research Glove  Machina Recycle Glove  

    Tsunami Syndicate


    Black Dragon

    Machina Recycle Glove  Unregistered 'Black Market' Pumpgun  

    Crahn Sect

    Crahn Amplifier Gauntlet CAG 1  Crahn Amplifier Gauntlet CAG 2  Crahn Amplifier Gauntlet CAG 3  

    City Mercs

    Anti Air Rocket Launcher  

    Fallen Angels

    Machina Construction Glove  Machina Research Glove  Tech Angels Prototype Ion Blaster MK- 3 Drone  Devils Breath Ion Nuke Drone  Devastator Ion Drone  

    Twilight Guardian

    Special Raygun Cannon  Ryker Vulcano Grenade Launcher  

    Infected Storages

    In the Faction DNS you will find three infected storages. These storages are level areas.
    There you will find:


    The Mainframe is splitted into Neocron Mainframe and DoY Mainframe, there you will find other DNS'

    Neocron Mainframe:

    • City Admin
    • Tangent Technologies
    • Biotech
    • N.E.X.T.
    • ProtoPharm
    • Diamond Real Estate

    DoY Mainframe:

    • Crahn Sect
    • Black Dragon
    • Tsunami
    • Fallen Angels
    • Twilight Guardian

    The City Merc DNS is between the Neocron and DoY Mainframe (Hacknet Map)

    Outer Network

    Hacknet Map

    In the Outer Network you will find travel routes to the Outposts and Bridgelinks. You will find 9 Neocron travel routes and 8 DoY travel routes in there. Each Travel is connected with a Bridgelink or Uplink, except NC7&8 and DoY7&8.

    In the travel routes are:


    Uplinks in the Neocron Travel:

    Uplinks in the DoY Travel:


    Bridgelinks in the Neocron Travel:

    • Point Red
    • Battle Dome

    Bridgelinks in the DoY Travel:

    • Desert Racetrack

    Neutral Bridgelinks:

    • Techhaven Bridgelink

    Techhaven Bridgelink

    The Techhaven Bridgelink is the center of the hacknet. There you will find high level mobs such as Corrupt ICMP Ping Packet V4.2.2, Ping of Death and the Phoenix CPU, also the Phoenix Database.

    Phoenix Database

    To download items from the Phoenix Database you need:

    You will get the Code Fragment #Spine-007 to Code Fragment #Spine-010 for the Spine Mark-7 Codebreaker from Infected Countermeasure Daemon V3.1.1 in the High Sec Logins and from Corrupt ICMP Ping Packet V4.3.3.

    Phoenix DB Item List

    Attack Software:
    HEW Kuang Mark-7 v1.4  
    Regeneration Software:
    Cryton Multilink Logcleaner v1.3  Cryton Recompiler v1.5  
    Defense Software:
    Cryton Multilink Guardian v1.5  Cryton Survivor v1.2  
    Software Mods:
    Phoenix NC Data Output Amplifier DOR-4010  Phoenix NC Multi Process Catalyst MPC-2530  Phoenix NC Data Signal Repeater DSR-3420  

    Sec Logins

    The Sec Logins are the level areas. They are located in Plaza 1&2, Via Rosso 1&2 and Pepper Park 1&2. Three different types describe the difficult of the mobs inside.

    Low Sec Login

    The Low Sec Logins are the easiest level areas, there are Infected Countermeasure Daemon V1.1.1.


    Mid Sec Login

    The Mid Sec Logins are the medium level areas, there you will find Infected Countermeasure Daemon V2.1.1.


    High Sec Login

    The High Sec Logins are the hardest level areas, there you will find Infected Countermeasure Daemon V3.1.1.


    Hacknet Mobs