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Inteligence (INT) is one of the main skills for your character.

There are two classes that can get to 100 in intelligence - the spy and the monk. Spies gain intelligence a lot faster than the monk class. Tanks have the lowest cap on intelligence, and Private Eyes as always are somewhere in the middle .

Intelligence is divided into several subskills:


Hacking (HCK) is a Intelligence-based subskill and is useful for hacking into things (for example locked doors and strong boxes). You need Hacking to get into Hacknet (which can be achieved by hacking a Genereplicator) and the amount of hacking you have directly impacts the software available to you in Hacknet and its effectiveness. Hacking can also be used for hacking locked robotic corpses like Warbots, cyborgs, DoY units, belts and Outposts.

Barter affects both the prices a player pays to a NPC for items and the cash received when the player sells items to a NPC. Bartering at higher levels also grants access to the Black Market.

PSI Use is responsible for the efficiency of PSI modules and impacts the size of your available PSI pool.

Weapon Lore has an effect on how well you use most weapons. It has an effect on Rifles, Pistols, Melee and Heavy weapons but has no influence on Drones.

Construction is the skill of turning blueprints into the constructed items. The higher the skill the better quality of the item made, and the better chances of slots. Construction is also needed to modify items that has slots. You only need 30 CST to modify an item, and you don't need any construction device. This means in many instances a high level research will have sufficient construction from implants to add mods to weapons - you can also stand at a factory that your clan owns to get another CST to add mods. The higher the skill the faster the process will be.

Research is the skill if you want to make blueprints of items. The higher the skill the less chance of failure to make the blueprints - this process requires that you have at least the tech level of the item you want to blueprint in the research skill, and a tool with an equal or higher tech level. To prevent failures, you need twice the tech level in the research skill (that is, for a tech level 80 item you would need 160 in research to guarantee no failures). The higher the skill the faster the process will be.

Implant is used for implanting things in your own body or in others. The highest this skill needs to go is 115. More is not needed as the TL of the best implants is 115. For implanting yourself, you need a personal implant tool. The tech level of the tool needs to be equal to or higher than the tech level of the implant you want to implant. For implanting others, you need a remote implant tool. You only need a tech level 30 tool for this job.

Willpower is part of the droner's requirements for using the drones.