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Black Market

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Gravi-lift to the terminal with entrance to Pepper Park SEC-1
Black market terminal


The Black Market is available to barterers which allows you to purchase any Faction Supply Manager item at an inflated cost from a smuggler in the Smugglers Cave. The Black Market can be accessed via a terminal in Pepper Park SEC-2, immediately after entering from Pepper Park SEC-1, on the right - up some gravity lifts. Here you will find a console that performs a skill check on your Barter skill level, depending on the general standing of the faction you are trying to access items from in comparison to the fact your runner is currently aligned with.


After accessing the terminal, select the faction you want to access the FSM. The terminal will do a Barter check and if you have enough points will place an order to meet the specific smuggler in Smugglers Cave in Pepper Park SEC-3. You can quickly navigate to the cave using Nav-Ray - Mr Jones' mission locations. Amount of Barter skill needed depends on the faction allegiance:

  • Friendly factions: 110
  • Neutral factions: 130
  • Hostile factions: 155

Make sure to make all your purchases in one go. Closing the trade window will make NPC not speak with you again until you place an order at the black market terminal again.