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The Gravlift was an invention found within the Ceres Discs. The system was designed in the mid-21st Century, once physicists had discovered that the physical processes concerning gravity were all governed by the "Graviton" particle. The basic premise of the system is that hidden emitters at the bottom of the tubes emit anti-gravity particles, these then collide with gravity particles to nullify the effect gravity has on any kind of mass within the tube. The blue "dots" occur due to the fact that when matter (the gravitons) and anti matter collide there is a massive emission of energy as they anihilate each other. It is thought that the Hovercab system that runs throughout the city of Neocron is based around the same premise.


When you step into the Gravlift, the direction of the dots will indicate in which way you will travel. Gravlifts are found throughout the neocron world, and are very useful to be able to gain access to areas you wouldnt normally be able to get too!

It is thought that when you enter a Gravlift if you crouch whilst within the tube you will travel up the lift at a faster rate. Also opening various windows, such as your inventory or processor window, will also help your travel up the lift faster. This "trick" doesn't work on today's high end system which have a very high Frames-per-second.

Possible BUG

There is a bug related to the Gravlift. Once you enter the gravlift it can appear on occasion to other players that you are still in the lift even if you have exited it.

  • Go to the nearest seat and sit down which resets your position and they will see you in your correct position.