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Ceres may refer to:

Ceres Project (storyline) - A collection of humanities knowledge in the storyline

Ceres Project (group) - A group of KK sponsored GMs and RP characters

Ceres - Leader of the Ceres tribe and founder of the Dome Of York

Ceres Tribe - A Tribe that came to power after the apocalypse

Wisdom of Ceres - Skills gainable by player characters

Ceres Disks - The result of the Ceres Project, holographic disks containing all human knowledge

Ceres Disks - Rare item needed to gain Wisdom of Ceres skills

Ceres War - The war fought between Neocron under Regant and the Dome of York over control of the Ceres disks

Ceres Labs - Places where the Ceres disks were analyzed and devices from the disks built and tested

Ceres Mine - A mining outpost located in sector C 09

Ceres Temple - A location in F 02 that is visited to obtain the Wisdom of Ceres skills