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There are two types of "Ceres labs", totalling 8 dungeons.

Ceres Biomechanical Labs

A ceres lab entrance


The Ceres Labs, also known as "WoC Caves" or "Ceres Biomechanical Labs", are four dungeons scattered throughout the Wastelands in which there are humanoids called "Experimental Ceres Infantry Troopers" and "Prototype Ceres Infantry Troopers". These monsters are currently the only ones that can drop a Wisdom of Ceres Disc  . The four dungeons around the wastelands are identical to each other, thus sharing the same map/model and monsters. They consist of two levels, which are also identical to each other. However, the Prototype Ceres Infantry Troopers only spawn in the sub-level, meaning that if you are looking for a disk drop, the first level is obsolete.

Bringing a PPU is useful if one wants to endure in the labs.


The Ceres Labs may be found on the world map in wasteland sectors G 05, H 05, I 10 and J 16.

Ceres BioGenetics Labs

Ceres BioGenetics Lab Alpha entrance
Ceres BioGenetics Lab Beta entrance
Ceres BioGenetics Lab Gamma entrance
Ceres BioGenetics Lab Delta entrance


There are also 4 Ceres BioGenetics Laboratories. The entrances can be found in F 10, E 05, C 10 and B 06.

A CityAdmin Special Task Force closed and sealed all four entrances in patches 126-127 in 2005-02. They were covered by wooden planks and deativated. They were re-opened in patches 25-27 in 2018-10.

The upper level consists of three rooms which are serially connected by short corridors; each room containing several level 124/124 launcher mutants. The last room has two launchers and a door down into the sub-level. The room order is reversed for the sub-level. The mobs are the same.

There is no safe spot for body positioning for Droners; also, the mobs can immediately see you from the entrance. The machines behind the fences can be used for recharging drones. Melee tanks should have a relatively easy time.

Common Mobs

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