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Map of the Neocron Wastelands

The "Wastelands" is a region of land between the two major cities, Doy and NC, it is home to the many outposts scattered across it. The land is uninhabitable to humans due to high levels of radiation from WW3. The only inhabitants of the wastelands are mutants or machines. The animals of pre WW3 have mutated into large monstrous creatures who now inhabit the wastelands safe of the radiation from their forced "evolution", many of these creatures are now hunted by runners for cash, items and the experience.

The wastelands are barren and full of danger only the experienced runner can survive for long periods of time. The mutants that live out in this desolate region are usually anarchists or traitors exiled from the cities for their crimes, and the machines used to be property of the major cities during the many battles between them. Nowadays the machines that patrol the wastelands have no pilots and are malfunctioning, with no control over these mechanic monsters the cities have deemed it necessary to terminate all malfunctioning mechanics a runner happens to come across. Another immediate danger in the wastelands is enemy runners, sometimes you can bargain with them other times you can’t, however this danger can be avoided by having a law enforcer implant currently active. The safest and quickest way of travelling the wastelands if you need to, is by using one of the many vehicles that are available.

Favoured Hunting Spots