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Neocron is the modern metropolis, built upon the ruins of Jeriko. It serves as the home of the Pro City factions. Built by Crahn in 2533 he saw it as the 'beginning of a new era' hence Neo = new and Cron = time.



The city boasts an extensive array of tranportation systems:


Neocron City is accessable from five entrances in the wastes.

A 06

A 06 Entrance to Neocron
Exit into A 06 in the Crahn church cellar

The entrance from A 06 takes you into Outzone 9 via the Crahn church cellar. The exit is a ladder going down of the left prison cell in the most eastern prison cell block. Beware of your faction loyalty as this could be a disastrous route for you!

A 07

A 07 Entrance to neocron

The entrance at A 07 close to the ASG giving a good jump of point for vehicle drivers enters the city via Outzone 9 past the front of the crahn church.

A 08

A 08 Main Entrance to Neocron

The Main entrance at A 08 also offers a close by ASG and offers the immediate protection of a safezone through the huge blast doors. With easy access to a Genrep or the Subway Network to the other districts.

A 08 entrance via Secret Passage 1

A secret entrance is also located in this zone jusy along the cliffline to the East. This entrance enters the Pepper Park district through the Black Dragon HQ via the Secret Passage 1.

A 09

A 09 entrance

The entrance at A 09 takes you into the city via Outzone 8.