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Black Dragons control the illegal drug market in Neocron, dealing in anything from over the counter products to black market goods. On the other hand, Tron Lombard at the Twister is sure that Black Dragon does not produce drugs themselves of such quality, because they do not have the scientists not the laboratories, but work together with another corporation. Their leader is a certain Maximillian Trond.

They also control parts of the real estate market. Some consider them just as ruthless in both areas of business. They are dangerous businessmen who do not hesitate to eliminate any competition or tenant that gets out of line.


This building in Pepper Park SEC-2 is tucked out of sight, drawing little attention, just the way Black Dragon Clan like it

Starter Apartment

Runners choosing the Black Dragon Clan as their starter faction will start out with a Pepper Park level 1 apartment

Friend or Foe

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Black Dragon are allied to Protopharm and the Brotherhood of Crahn. Hostile towards City Administration, Diamond Real Estate, Tsunami Syndicate, Tangent Technologies, Fallen Angels and City Mercs. They are Neutral to Biotech, NExT and the Twilight Guardian.

Changing Faction to Black Dragon

Enter the headquarter in Pepper Park SEC-2 and talk to Wiseguy Dustin Dalton. For faction change you need at least 50 faction sympathy and 300,000 credits.