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A Faction is a company of persons acting together, acting for their own interests, within a predefined set of rules and regulations, set up to maintain communication and a voice for it's supporters.

In Neocron 2, we have 12 factions. These factions are seen as Pro City and Anti City.

Factions can be very political in Neocron, you can play the game as you see fit, you may shoot anybody you see that is not "Law Enforced" (They have removed there LE chip). This is one of the best features of Neocron, they give you the choice whether to abide by the law, or screw the law and pay the price for breaking the law.

Choosing your faction

You can select the Faction you wish to join when you create a new character.

Caption text
Faction ↨ Allegiance ↨ Lore ↨ Recommendation ↨ Starting City ↨ Epic Reward ↨ Faction Trader (FSM) Items ↨ Faction Relations ↨
City Administration (CA) Pro City Administration, or CA, is the ruling faction of Neocron city. They are the banks, the police the stock exchange etc. They are the foremost political force in Neocron city. Popular for Pro City clans Neocron City  Level 40 Power Armour Spy Power Amours & APC vehicle Mostly friendly / enemy
Diamond Real Estate (DRE) Pro Neocron's largest real estate agency. Diamond owns and leases out most of the residential and commercial spaces you will see in the city of Neocron. Neocron City  Apartment Apartments Mostly friendly
NExT (NExT) Pro Neocron Exploration Technology is the largest company producing almost any form of vehicles in Neocron. Popular for Private Eyes & GenTanks who want to use vehicles Neocron City  3-seat vehicle which cannot be permanently destroyed Vehicles Mostly neutral
Tangent Technologies (TT) Pro Tangent Technologies (Tangent) is the main weapons developer / manufacturer in the city of Neocron. Popular for those who focus on PvE on foot Neocron City  Level 75 cannon, pistol or rifle Eye implants Mostly enemy
BioTech Systems (BT) Pro BioTech develops biomechanical implants that enhance the abilities of human beings immensely and also produces general medical and biological high-tech equipment. Neocron City  Level 35 resist implant Brain implants Mostly neutral
ProtoPharm (PP) Pro One of the most lucrative businesses in society has always been medical care. This is what ProtoPharm base their entire financial concept on. They produce anything in the medical industry. Popular starting faction of PvP characters Neocron City  Level 35 resist implant Heart implants Mostly neutral
Tsunami Syndicate (TSU) Anti The Tsunami Syndicate deals in crime and they do not even try to hide it. Prostitution, gambling and extortion are their main sources of income. Neocron City  Level 75 rifle Apartment Decorations Mostly enemy
Black Dragon (BD) Anti Black Dragons control the illegal drug market in Neocron, dealing in anything from over the counter products to black market goods. They also control parts of the real estate market. Popular for Anti City clans Neocron City  Apartment Private Eye Power Armours & Drugs Mostly enemy
City Mercs (CM) Neutral The CityMercs offer military services, carry out commissioned assassinations, and are hired as personal protection or escorts by whoever can afford an appropriate payment for the assigned mission. Not recommended for first characters Military Base  Level 75 cannon Camo Tank Power Armours & Backbone implants Mostly neutral
Fallen Angels (FA) Anti The Fallen Angels were founded by scientists who felt suppressed by the government of Neocron and restricted in their academic freedom. Not recommended for first characters Tech Haven  Level 35 tradeskill implant Bones & Hoverbomber vehicle Mostly neutral
Twilight Guardian (TG) Anti Idealistic, uncompromising and enthusiastic in their fight against the current despotic Neocron regime they are all determined to even give their lives if need be. Not recommended for first characters Canyon Facility  Level 75 grenades Tank Power Armours Mostly enemy

Non Playable Factions

Faction Relations

This table shows you which factions are allied, neutral of hostile to each other.

City Administration X F N F F F E E E N N E
Diamond Real Estate F X F F N N F E E E F E
Tangent Technologies F F F X E N E E E F E E
BioTech Systems F N N E X F E N E N N E
ProtoPharm F N E N F X E F N N N N
Tsunami Syndicate E F N E E E X E N F F N
Black Dragon E E N E N F E X F E E N
Brotherhood of Crahn E E N E E N N F X N E F
City Mercs N E N F N N F E N X N E
Fallen Angels N F N E N N F E E N X F
Twilight Guardian E E E E E N N N F E F X

Changing your faction later on

To switch factions, you will need to talk to a Human Resources Director (Pro-City) or Recruitment Officer (Anti-City) of the faction you wish to join. You will need to make sure three things are ready when you do this:

  • You will need 300,000nc. This will be paid to the NPC you speak to.
  • Faction Sympathy with your new faction must be at 50 or higher.
  • You must be clanless when you attempt the switch, otherwise it will not work.

You can only raise Faction Sympathy by doing missions from the CityCom or the Special Missions if your Faction Sympathy is too low to accept very easy missions.

Once you talk to the NPC and pass these conditions, you will join that faction. Also you will not pay the 300,000nc straight away. The money is taken from your character when you buy or sell and item , or you re-log.

Or you meet up with Alec Monroe <-top secret!