Twilight Guardian

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Found in the depths of the Canyon is the heavily fortified HQ of the Twilight Guardian


Idealistic, uncompromising, enthusiastic. That is what the men and women of the Twilight Guardian movement are or at least try to be. In their fight against the current despotic Neocron regime they are all determined to even give their lives if need be, in the fight which they have taken up to create a better future for the people of Neocron. Or to put it in their own words: “Freedom is our law!” But not all citizens think that they need to be saved from the current government...


This entrance is understated for the 3 seperate levels found below.

TG Barracks

Level 1 Twilight Guardian HQ Barracks

Level 1 is the Barracks, containing several runner facilities, GoGuardian, GeneReplicator and basci supplies.

TG Intelligence Center

Level 2 Twilight Guardian HQ Intelligence Center

Level 2 is the Intelligence center complete with Citycom and analysts

TG Command Center

Level 3 Twilight Guardian HQ Command Center

Level 3 is the Command center, the lowest level. Here you will find the Faction FSM

Faction relations

Twilight Guardian E E E E E N N N F E F X

Key personalities

Hagen Yager

The current Twilight Guardian leader was once a good friend of Lioon Reza. Together they founded the rebel organization which fought against the reign of PSI-monks for the freedom of Neocron's citizens. Full of idealism, Hagen believed in Lioon's democratic objectives and convictions which he had shared since his youth in the suppressed city of Neocron. However, since Lioon established himself as dictator of Neocron, Hagen leads the resistance against his former comrade.

Cole 'Flash' Khan

This 19 year old genius is Twilight Guardian's sysadmin. Cole uses his knowledge to brilliantly plan the actions and calculate the risks of the Twilight Guardian. Because of his exceptional intelligence, Neocron's company networks and terminals are in grave danger.


Twilight Guardian was founded by Reza and Yager in 2722. The objective of the co-founders was to overthrow the government of the PSI-monks from within the underground. The group experienced tremendous support from all parts of society. The coup was planned for the following year. Lioon, who had become more and more aggresive during the past months, planed to chase the PSI-monks out of the city by force.
In 2724 the Twilight Guardian managed to overthrow the government of the PSI-monks and to drive the goernment members from the city. Many PSI-monks from the former government withdrew to the old Crahn abbey in the wastelans, in the aftermanth of the victory, a dispute evolved between Yager and Lioon.

Starter Apartment

Runners choosing the Twilight Guardian as their starter faction will start out with a level 1 apartment in Canyon Facility. This faction is recommended only for experienced players.