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Anarchy Breed

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Many members of the Anarchy Breed are good customers of the Black Dragon, or are part-time drug dealers. The Anarchists are amongst the best clients of the Tsunami Syndicate and, in addition, many recruits of the Syndicate come from the Anarchy Breed.

Anarchy Breed is not on good terms with the Brotherhood of Crahn. They are convinced that members of the Brotherhood abduct the weak or more reclusively living anarchists and use them for their dark experiments.

Anarchy Breed is barred from Neocron by the authorities. The Dome of York's scout units and the Neocron infantry, STORM bots will attack the Breed with little warning. However, the Breed can be found in the Outzone and frequent Pepper Park. They have a presence near the southern cliffline, coast and grassland sectors and in the northern desert near the underground Juggernaut Facility.

It has been reported that the anarchist leader Iron Head has cracked the Gene Replicator terminals to resurrect himself in case of death, and has hijacked the Hypercom terminal access codes and used the terminal to taunt enemy runners.

The Anarchists have no allies and are an enemy to all Neocron city based factions, the City Mercs and the DoY based Crahn Sect. Their presence is tolerated by the Twilight Guardian, the Fallen Angels, the Tsunami Syndicate and the Black Dragon clan.

Past Gameplay

Anarchy Breed is an unplayable faction on all retail servers. The French speaking servers (Venus/Pandore) used to let some runners join the Breed, and as a result there were a few left on Neptune (previously known as Venus/Pandore). Some runners were transferred to other retail servers which lead to rumours of a few Anarchy Breed members on Mars and Terra. However, most were rounded up by City Admininstration., operatives and brainwashed. Ironically, these individuals now serve the Neocron City Administration department. Some members still survive, but conveniently their names are forgotten in case City Administration tries to capture them again.

Because Anarchy Breed have no headquarters they cannot enter hacknet as entering hacknet syncs a runner into the faction's DNS Zone. Wisdom of Ceres skills are unobtainable because there is no Epic mission for Anarchy Breed characters.

When Venus/Pandore was upgraded to Neptune AB lost access to the Info tab on the CityCom system. Attempting to do so generates a fatal runtime error code and the client will crash. This may be due to a faction check by the database that returns an incorrect result.

AB faction members cannot start clans nor buy clan apartments since the former do not exist (no Epic so Master status unobtainable) and no Faction Supply Manager to sell the clan apartment keys. This is in keeping with AB since they are anarchists.

Most clan controlled Gene Replication facilities are inaccessible to AB Because they have no allies. This leaves only the public terminals open to them. Vehicles are required to allow easier access to most parts of the game world.

The Anarchy Breed faction on the francophone servers was played in a reasonably strict role play style with a AD employee providing ad-hoc missions, like planting bombs inside Neocron. It did not degenerate into a PVP 'all are dead' faction.

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