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  • Server type: Neocron 2 Live Server
  • Status: Inactive
  • Slots: 4
  • Support language: English


Terra was started in September 2004 with the launch of Neocron 2. This server is one of the most popular servers in use, since it is the international English server. Players from English speaking nations (Such as the UK and the USA) frequently log onto this server, along with other English speaking players from other countries. (Such as Germany, Holland and France)

Terra was shut down in late 2012.

Hardware failures

Terra, along with Mercury and Mars went offline on 21/22 May 2008 as the login server suffered from multiple hardware failure.

The disk drives for the main login server failed, and also the server with the backup disk drives also failed.

Specialist data recovery teams at the datacentre had to be called in to recover the data, before the servers were put back online on the afternoon of 29 May 2008.