Pepper Park

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Pepper Park consists of a series of zones on the outskirts of Neocron City (Pepper Park Zones 1 - 3). Pepper Park 1 connects to Plaza 3 and Pepper Park 3 connects to Industrial A sector 1. The Subway is reachable from Pepper Park 1 and 2.


Some time after the implementation of Neocron 2.2, Pepper Park Sector 1 took over from the Millitary Base entrance as the primary PvP zone in the game, with Club Veronique acting as a staging area.


Pepper Park is home to the secret Tsunami and Black Dragon headquarters, as well as the old NC 1 headquarter of Crahn, Tsunami and Black Dragon.

Pepper Park also houses the only two NeoFrag systems in the game located in Pepperpark 1 (NF 2) and 2 (NF 1).

Other points of interest include The Maze and the two strip clubs Club Veronique and Pussy Club.