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Pussy Club

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The Pussy Club - Catlover's Paradise is a stripclub in Pepper Park SEC-03 brought to you by the Red Pepper Entertainment Group. It is spread over three floors and has two entrances.


The Pussy Club, Pepper Park SEC-3 Entrance, near Pepper Park SEC-2 connection
The Pussy Club, Pepper Park SEC-3 Entrance, near Genereplicator

Ground Floor

Ground Floor View

The ground floor contains an entire fake swimming area, a relaxing lounge and bar. Coupled with four Citycoms for viewing your latest StockX movements or keeping track of the latest NCPD wanted list as you enjoy your downtime in this Safe area.
Exit ramp to the north leads to Pepper Park SEC-3 near the Genereplicator.


Nech-Pa Dunkin
Irwin Fishburn
Madoc Taylor

Exotic Dancers

Angyl Murdock
Mandy Mcelroy

First Floor

First Floor View

A solo dancer entertains the larger tables used for gatherings and conversations not to be overheard by loose lipped barmen. Two GoGuardians offer easy access to your equipment.

Exotic Dancers

Torres Lawlor

Second Floor

Second Floor View

Flanked on both sides, at the entrance from the Pepper Park SEC-2 connection, by two barkeepers it's hard not to grab a drink and sit down and enjoy the numerous exoctic dancers, some willing to give a private dance to those with a few NC credits.


Umar Porter
K'taka-Jon Divill

Exotic Dancers

Sewa Hailstone
Dark Smith
Char'mee Dykgraaf
Monique Harper
Sewa Cage
Milla Ronan
Torres Bach