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Industrial A

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Entrance to Industrial Area Sec. 1 in Pepper Park 3
NavRay map of Industrial Area Sec. 1
NavRay map of Industrial Area Sec. 2

Industrial Area is much like Outzone: it is underpopulated and hostile. Many missions demand a visit.


Sector 1

Sector 1 connects to Pepper Park Sector 3 and is mainly inhabited by bugs and spiders. It has a All buyer

Sector 2

Industrial A - Sector 2 connects to Outzone SEC-3, has a Genrep and an entrance to Storage Halls dungeon TODO which? populated with Big Poisonous Spiders. It is a dis-used industrial area.

Ind. A. SEC-2 waste water canals map

It also has an entrance to the Main Sewer SEC-5 via the wastewater canals.



See also

See the Outzone map for more details like Genreps and GoGos.