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A Gene Replicator in Techhaven

The Genereplicator is a form of teleportation device found all across neocron.


The Genereplicator, Gen-rep, or GR serves as a fast transport system around the world of Neocron. The Genereplicator also serves as a respawn point upon death. In order for the player to use a Genereplicator, they must first activate it via direct contact, at a fixed cost of 150 credits.


Apart from charging you a distance based price, the Genereplicator also leaves you with a slight amount of Synaptic Impairment at your destination. This Synaptic Impairment stacks with any that you may already have; repeated use of the genereplicator may leave you severely crippled for an extended time.

Outpost GR's

Every Outpost has 2 GR's. The primary GR is located above ground often in a bunker just outside the walls of the OP. The secondary GR is located in the Outpost underground and only members of the occupying Clan can GR to this. The secondary GR is special in that anyone GRing into it will not receive SI. The occupying Clan of any Outpost can determine who is allowed to use the Outpost GR and thus runners may find that many Outpost GR's may be unavailable to them. All GR fees charged by going to an Outpost go directly to the occupying Clan.


It has been speculated, based on the name, that the Genereplicator may be a cloning device of sorts and that its teleportation function work by killing the user at one end and then cloning his DNA at the other. However this poses the question of how equipment is transfered with as a cloning device would presumably only produce a naked copy at the receiving end. It could be however that the Genrep system work in unison with the GOGO universal storage. This could very well be feasible as a GOGO terminal is always found in close vicinity to any Genrep station. As the genrep system is never mentioned anywhere within game lore other than denoting its usage it is difficult to establish whether this is correct or not.


Genreps are used as access points to hacknet. Successfully hacking the genrep station will send the player into hacknet. The point in hacknet where the player is sent depends on the Genrep being hacked.

If the Genrep being hack is an outpost Genrep, and the player's clan owns the outpost then the player will spawn in the hacknet zone for the Outpost next to the Hacknet Terminal. In all other cases, the player will spawn in his own Faction's DNS Zone.

All hacknet exit points are also directly connected to a genrep station within the real world.

Gentanks are the only class that cannot hack a Genrep to enter Hacknet.