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Clans inside Neocron are aggregations of players who commit to a Faction, to fight on the Faction's behalf and raise their status in the game.

Usually clans are created for specific purposes (or a combination of purposes) such as:

  • Bringing players together to level and prosper in the game together
  • Bringing tradeskillers together to prosper together
  • Bringing PvPing characters together to conduct OP Wars.
  • Bringing PvPing characters together to gank and annoy other players in the game.
  • Store the personal wealth of an extremely rich player.

Creating a Clan

In order to create a new clan it is first necessary to gain access to the Faction Supply Manager of ones current faction. When you have obtained access simply purchase a clan apartment key from the FSM and activate it. Clan apartment keys can not be activated by characters who have a Law Enforcer chip installed. Using the key again, allow to set up basic settings:


Name section

  • Location - The entrance of the clan apartment. Use the Navray to quickly find the correct entrance
  • New Name - Changes the clan name
  • New Short - Changes the clan tag, displayed by all players in the clan under their name

Apartment section

  • New Security Code - Changes the password to the elevator terminal, used to access the clan apartment. Pass it to your own members so they can get in

Delete section

  • Delete - Deletes the clan, as long as there are no members apart of the owner

Clan administration

Clan admin section in CityCom

Most functions of the clan are managed from CityCom station, including adding new members.


It's an overview window. In this section, you can preview clan Description, Faction, Tag, Clan's leader and subleaders and how much money there is in the bank. There is also a button to leave the current clan.


Here you can see and edit all clan members, sort them by Clan Level (determined by ranks) and do some operations on them

  • Change rank - changes selected member's rank. Select the member, click the button, select new rank and submit
  • Change leader - changes the clan leader
  • Change representative - assigns a member of high Clan Level to be a clan representative. In ancient times it was used to elect a faction representative (RP politics), it's not used for anything anymore.
  • Change manifesto - changes clan's mission, also used in faction elections
  • Dismiss member - kicks the member out of the clan
  • Invite new member - this opens a runner search engine. Type the name of the person you want to invite to the clan. If the person you sent the invitation is in the same zone as the sender he/she will see a clan invitation pop up they can accept or decline. You can only invite people to the clan within the same faction.


Here you can edit clan ranks and their Clan Level. The Clan Level determines the level of permissions members of that rank have access to.

Clan Level Permissions
0-2 None
3-4 Security
5-6 Security, Promote
7-8 Security, Promote, Mission
9 Security, Promote, Mission, Money
10-11 Security, Promote, Mission, Money, Member
12-13 Security, Promote, Mission, Money, Member, Rank
14 Security, Promote, Mission, Money, Member, Rank, Wars
15 Security, Promote, Mission, Money, Member, Rank, Wars, Termination
  • Security - can change Outpost security settings
  • Promote - can change member's rank
  • Mission - can change public descriptions and manifesto
  • Money - can withdraw money from clan's bank
  • Member - can invite and kick members from the clan
  • Rank - can add additional ranks
  • Wars - can publicly declare wars against other clans
  • Termination - can delete the clan


In this section you can view the current bank balance, deposit and withdraw funds if you have permission to do it along with log of recent transactions.

Depositing funds

Type the amount to the 'Money Transaction' box then press Give Money. You will be asked to type a description of the transaction then Submitting finalizes it withdrawing funds from your account to the clan.

Withdrawing funds

Members of rank with Clan Level 9 or higher can use Take Money button. Same as Depositing, type the amount, press the button, type the comment then press Submit. The amount will be displayed as negative in the log.

Viewing the transaction log

Press any transaction in the log to check the date, amount and description.


This window is used to officially declare war against other clans.

  • New - opens clan search. Select the clan you want to declare war with then click 'Declare War'
  • Self declared - shows wars declared by your clan
  • Foreign declared - shows wars declared by other clans against yours

Foreign Declared wars need to be accepted, then they will show up in the main window for all clan members. Declaring war requires a member with a rank of Clan Level 14 or higher.


Here you can change clan name, tag, public description, apartment security code and minimum faction sympathy to join in case of misplaced clan apartment's key

List of clans

This is a list of currently active clans on Titan.


City Mercs

Fallen Angels


City Admin




Tangent Technologies

Diamond Real Estate


Twilight Guardian

The Brotherhood of Crahn

The Black Dragon Clan

The Tsunami Syndicate