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A Faction is a company of persons acting together, acting for their own interests, within a predefined set of rules and regulations, set up to maintain communication and a voice for it's supporters.

In Neocron 2, we have 12 factions. These factions are seen as Pro City and Anti City.

Factions can be very political in Neocron, you can play the game as you see fit, you may shoot anybody you see that is not "Law Enforced" (They have removed there LE chip). This is one of the best features of Neocron, they give you the choice whether to abide by the law, or screw the law and pay the price for breaking the law.

Choosing your faction

You can select the Faction you wish to join when you create a new character.

Pro City Factions

Anti City Factions

Neutral Factions

Non Playable Factions

Faction Relations

This table shows you which factions are allied, neutral of hostile to each other.

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Changing your faction later on

To switch factions, you will need to talk to a Human Resources Director (Pro-City) or Recruitment Officer (Anti-City) of the faction you wish to join. You will need to make sure three things are ready when you do this:

  • You will need 300,000nc. This will be paid to the NPC you speak to.
  • Faction Sympathy with your new faction must be at 50 or higher.
  • You must be clanless when you attempt the switch, otherwise it will not work.

You can only raise Faction Sympathy by doing missions from the CityCom or the Special Missions if your Faction Sympathy is too low to accept very easy missions.

Once you talk to the NPC and pass these conditions, you will join that faction. Also you will not pay the 300,000nc straight away. The money is taken from your character when you buy or sell and item , or you re-log.