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Last Generation can be found on the Titan server
It is part of the City Administration
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About Last Generation

Last Generation is a City Admin clan currently active on Titan. The clan was initially founded in April of 2011 on the now defunct server Terra with the initial intent of providing a new home for players emigrating from Mars and Mercury. At the time Terra was the only server of noteworthy population. Last Generations membership is predominantly German.

Current Leader

  • Grogor

Current Councillors

  • Ryan Steiner
  • Kuma
  • elPadre
  • Kane Gregory

Past leaders

  • God of Hansaplast
  • Tetris

Chain of Command

  • Chief XXX Officer (members of the leadership)
  • XXX Eagle Squad (clansman)
  • Young Eagle (recruit)
  • Fake Eagle (cautioned members)


Last Generation was founded in April of 2011 on the international server Terra in an attempt to create a haven for newly displace German players. Following a schism in early 2012 several members broke from the clan and went on to found UnBrEakabLe

As of mid 2013 Last Generation plays an active part in the op-war scene.

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