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Neocron Wiki:Clan Policy

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This policy is currently suspended
This will be under discussion on the Talk page


  • The article must be neutral as possible. Promoting support for the faction is permitted.
  • The article should list the main activities of the clan.
  • The article must state the current server, whether the clan is active and what faction it is based in.
  • The article may have a history. This can list significant wars with other clans.
  • Articles on past clans are permitted, so long as the articles does not break any other rules of the policy.
  • Naming characters in the clan - Only leaders and the current sub leaders may be promoted, and the number of current sub leaders is limited to 5 characters. Past leaders of the clan may be listed in the history.
  • Clans that have been banned or disbanded by KK may not be listed.
  • The clan page should not contain content that promotes or encourages breaching of the Neocron rules of conduct.
  • Articles must be in the Clan: namespace. No redirect pages from any other namespace is permitted.
  • The title of the page should be the the full name of the clan followed by the abbreviation of the clan. eg Anti Terror Force (A.T.F) or just the clan name on it's own (eg Phoenix Ltd)
  • No hall of shame is permitted
  • Articles can link to their own webpages
  • Links to players of the clan are only permitted to pages within the User: namespace.
  • The Wiki admin reserve the right to amend the policy at any time.