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The homepage, displayed when a runner accesses the CityCom Terminal



The homepage, displayed when a runner accesses the Resistance Network Terminal


Terminals offer various handy functions that ease the runner's daily life and can be accessed at several locations around the world. The Neocron City's variant is called the CityCom whereas the Dome of York variant is called the Resistance Network Terminal. Depending on your location, you will find either variant.

Beyond the homepage they are essentially the same.


CityCom Terminals can be found in Neocron City, in some Outposts and in the Southern & Western areas of the Wastelands.

Resistance Network

Resistance Network Terminals can be found in the Dome of York, Canyon Facility, in some Outposts and in the Northern and Eastern areas of the Wastelands.




Easy to use e-mail client provides basic runner to runner communication. E-mail contacts can be maintained comfortably via the contact list.
Take orders from customers or keep in touch with friends. A truly useful tool to drop those you need to talk to but are not online a message.



There are numerous public trade forums, categorised by trade item such as Implants or Rare Parts so you can find what your looking for fast. General discussion, Runner announcements, Services - Advertise your skills here, Events - Keep an eye out for in game events, Auctions, Clan Recruitment, Find a team or even for those detailed help questions to large to detail in the help channel. In addition there are faction Only forums and each clan receives a restricted clan only forum for daily communication.
Offer your crafted items in one of the trade forums or discuss topics with other runners in one of the discussion forums! Log in today...




The info pages of the CityCom offer various information about factions, Politics, runners, clans and outposts and the NCPD.
The Faction Page will give you a short description of each Faction. The Politics is Faction specific and will detail your faction affiliation current Political issues and representatives. Both Runner and Clan tabs serve as a search function and enable you to obtain information on a specific Clan or runner.
If you are unsure of the entire spelling or wish to search for all runners beginning with specific letters use %%. i.e. Log%% will return all runners beginning with LOG.
Outpost allows you to see who currently controls which outpost. Whilst the NCPD lists it's MOST wanted runners!


Clan Management

The clan administration offers the clan leader a powerful tool to comfortably administer and maintain the clan and its members. The extensive rank system allows to give explicit rights to single members for a hierarchical structuring of the clan. Additionally members can be granted access to the clan Bank account, allowing them to play the role of the clans treasurer.



This feature has been disabled in the current build of the game.


These are short missions that you can start from any CityCom Terminal / Resistance Network Terminal in the world, and most autocomplete once you accomplish the objectives. They are used to gain experience points in all main skills, credits, faction sympathy and Soul Light.

Getting a Mission

Missions are split into factions and difficulties – it's important you run missions that are suitable for your level and that you have enough faction sympathy to start.

  1. Pick the faction you are part of / the faction you wish to gain sympathy with
  2. Pick the difficulty that aligns with the below guidance
  3. Download Missions
  4. Keep clicking Next until you find the mission type you are looking for (take note of the required faction sympathy to start the mission)
  5. Pick the mission type that suits your playstyle from the list
  6. Accept the mission
Terminal Mission Screen 1
Terminal Mission Screen 2

Mission Types

There are several missions types available; the XP and credit rewards are scaled to reflect the time and difficulty of completing the mission. Mission types include:

Caption text
Mission Name ↨ Category ↨ Description ↨
Quick Kill Kill Kill targets in City dungeons
Hacknet Kill Kill Kill targets in Hacknet
Wasteland Kill Kill Kill targets in the Wastelands
Delivery Transport Deliver an item from one NPC to another
Construction Tradeskill Tradeskill mission to construct items
Recycle Tradeskill Tradeskill mission to recycle items
Research Tradeskill Tradeskill mission to research items

Kill Mission Locations

Kill missions involve you hunting specified target enemies in areas which reflect the difficulty of the mission you picked. Once you kill enough targets, the mission autocompletes and you are rewarded with XP, credits, faction sympathy and Soul Light. You can then go back to a terminal and repeat the mission.

Use the below guidelines for choosing difficultly, and where to find the relevant dungeons that house the target enemies.


This page shows people to have low Soul Light with a recent update on which sector they are in. You can use this to hunt criminals and take their items that drop in their belt.