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An unresearched Expensive Tech Part

Tech parts are used in construction of Rare weapons.

Unidentified (Unressed) parts are dropped from various mobs, such as Warbot Titan or Fire Mobs. There are different types of "unressed" tech parts: "T", "E" (expensive) and "L" (low tech). Unressed parts need to be researched by a skilled Scientist (Researcher), so it becomes a ressed rare item part.

There are different types of researched parts, such as: hull, frame, comp, core, tech and add-tech.

Using these parts, an Engineer (Constructor) can build a rare weapon.

Locations found

Tech Parts are known to drop from:

Of these, Warbots and Hoverbots require hack to access. Fire Mobs do not. Bosses do not require hacking to access either, however they do typically require a good team capable of reaching the boss room of a dungeon and defeating whatever is found inside. Many bosses drop additional unique or rare loot as well.

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