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Chaos Caves

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Fighting in the end of the cave

"Outdoor Caves" or "Chaos Caves" can be found around the canyon region in E 13 right outside the Twilight Guardian Canyon, in E 12 and F 12 next to Canyon Reloading Point. They are one of the richest sources of experience in the Neocron world.


Inside the cave you will find Chaos Creepers, Minions, Soldiers, Lieutenants, Vampires and Queens. Their levels vary from 64/64 to 88/88 (the Queen is 120/120). They have moderate HP, are fire resistant and deal Piercing and Poison damage. No Tech Parts drop here, mostly just recyclable junk inclduing numerous poison glands, except for the Queen. The queen can sometimes drop a tech part or two and usually drops one or more Chaos Queen Flame Avalanche .

Gearing Up

You might want to worry about your poison resist here. Poison Belts, Poison Resist skill and Hazard Booster buffs help here. Being able to equip a Viper King Vest is a plus. For Monks and Spies, piercing resist can also be an issue, especially with the lower hp they have.

A group of Chaos Vampires

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