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Regants Legacy

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Regant's legacy floor 1
Regant's legacy floor 2
Regant's legacy floor 3
Regant's Legacy Bossroom - containing the Genotoxic Nightmare and other mobs

Regants Legacy (sometimes shortened to "Regants" between players when used in the context of hunting dungeons) is a special area in sector E 03 of the game map, recently opened as an expansion to Neocron since Evolution 2.1.

As it stands now, Regants is perhaps one of the best leveling areas in the game.

Several supply boxes at the entrance area.

It has two main areas, one being a long winding corridor going down, ending in a space where you can enter the Boss Room, containing a boss Genotoxic Nightmare and numerous Genotoxic Sluggers and Genotoxic Crawlers, about 20 in number. The whole dungeon up to the boss room entrance contains 13 rooms, including the one with Corporal Lines and spans 3 floors.

Typically a team here would consist of a Tank or Spy with AoE taking aggro (getting the mobs to follow him/her). This person would then run in circles around the mobs, herding them together to allow focussed AoE damage. The boss room can be cleared by two well-equipped runners of combat rank 60.

Genotoxic mobs deal a mix of Piercing, Force and Poison damage, Deflector+Protector PSI shields or nanite effect should be enough. They also can do a small Poison AoE attack that may inflict stackable Contamination negative effect that deals Energy and Poison damage over time. This unique damage over time effect can be removed with Decontamination cleanse module or nanite cleanser.


Common Mobs

Bossroom specific mob

Genotoxic Nightmare