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Genotoxic Slugger

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Combat 32.png
Genotoxic Slugger
Image of Genotoxic Slugger
Race Genotoxic (Geno)
96/96 ***
Loot Tronik Parts  
Malformed Brain  
Mutated Entrails  
Mutated Limbs  
Biotech Garbage  
Broken Implant  
Damage types

genotoxic Damage
force Damage
piercing Damage

Armour types

Resists piercing Damage
Resists force Damage
Resists fire Damage
Resists poison Damage



The Genotoxic Slugger is a mutant that was taken as a host by a Genotoxic Parasite, If you look behind the Sluggers head, you'll see the Parasite latched on tightly. They prefer the dark places of the world.

When a runner gets close to the Slugger, it will either try to slash the runner with it's claws or spew toxic gas.


Genotoxic Sluggers may be found in the Regants Legacy dungeon in amongst the Parasites, and later, crawlers.

Genotoxic creatures do Force, Piercing and 'Genotoxic' damage, which is widely believed to be a mix of X-Ray and Poison damage.

Icon-lightbulb.pngFor genotoxic creatures of any type, it is best to stay out of melee range by circling them, rather than standing still.