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Genotoxic Parasite

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Combat 32.png
Genotoxic Parasite
Image of Genotoxic Parasite
Race Genotoxic (Geno)
90/90 ***
Loot Broken Implant
Damage types

piercing Damage
poison Damage

Armour types

Resists piercing Damage
Resists force Damage
Resists fire Damage
Resists poison Damage



The Genotoxic Parasite is a creature that forever wanders in search of a host body to grow. It usually prefers mutants, as they generally are a lot slower than a runner, but it will attempt to attack a runner who crosses its path however. This creature is believed to have been created in the labs beneath Regants Legacy, though by whom is unknown.


Genotoxic Parasites may be found in the Regants Legacy dungeon. Their melee attacks do Piercing and Poison damage. Occasionally they do a small poison AoE attack, that applies weak Contamination negative effect, dealing Energy and Poison damage over time. This damage over time effect can be removed only by specialised decontamination cleanse module or nanite mod. Parasites are very highly resistant to Fire and Poison damage type, Energy or X-ray recommended.

For genotoxic creatures of any type, it is best to stay out of melee range by circling them, rather than standing still.