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Your rank is split up into two values in the following format: XX/YY. The first is the combat rank, the second your skill rank or skill level.

You can find the rank of your character by pressing F5 during game, which brings up the skills window. Here you can see your individual skills as they progress and add points to your likings.

For NPCs and mobs, these are usually the same, for example 60/60. It is an indicator which weapons (TL) you can wield, what armour (TL) you can wear and how much your combat-related skills are trained.

  • The first number is determined by the weapon you use and is commonly called the combat level, combat rank or combat ranking. To a certain degree, it lets other runners know how strong you are and wether you pose a threat to them or not.
  • The second number is your skill level, this digit ranks up as you gain better skill stats. Certain quests or missions (like faction epic missions) require that you have a certain minimum skill level to start them.


Your combat level is determined through the following calculation:

 ( Intelligence + Strength + Constitution + Dexterity + PSI use ) / 5

For example, consider the following setup:

Intelligence 10
Strength 5
Constitution 7
Dexterity 15
Psychic power 2

We get combat rank 7.8, which will get rounded down to 7.

Hint: Sometimes the first digits of your ranking will be 0 after you change zones, if you wonder why this is happening, just equip your weapon and your ranking should return to normal.

Additional info: Some players refer to the combat level as the Character level or Character ranking.

Rank Mark

Additionally there are different icons displayed behind your ranking. These icons are connected to the first digits in your ranking and can be used to quickly measure your opponents strength without looking at the numbers.

List of rank marks with their requirements:

min. combat rank mark
1 /
6 //
8 ///
11 ////
16 <
22 <<
29 <<<
37 <<<<
46 *
56 **
76 ***


Be aware that rank is not dynamically calculated. That means after you have used a weapon, your rank will not decrease at once. It takes a time for the client to refresh that figure. You must use (draw a weapon, wear armour) to increase your rank, so it is not enough to just carry high level stuff in your inventory.

Rank is not just a means to impress others, but calculates how much money and XP you earn for fighting. The lower your rank is compared to your opponent's, the higher your income. The XP gain can be maximized, if you fight against Mobs with a combat rank 10 points higher than yourself. It starts decreasing with increasing gap between the combatants' ranks.

For fighting in groups, the combat rank is also important as only people with +/- 10 ranks in between can team up.