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AoE - abreviation of Area of Effect

Meaning weapon types that do damage to a target area, instead of a target specifically.

In Neocron all weapon types offer an AoE version except Rifles. Typically does less damage than single-target weapons, the area damage or Splash damage as sometimes called allows you to hit several mobs at the same time increasing your rate of XP gain. All AoE weapons ignore line of sight requirement, means they will ignore walls within the same area, but they sometimes can't do damage through doors between rooms. All AoE weapons do friendly fire, as well as self-damage, so use with caution. Law Enforcer implant will prevent damage to other players, but won't stop from damaging yourself.

Weapons that do AoE damage

Heavy weapons
Lowtech: Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Anti-vehicle Rocket Launcher
Hightech: Raygun Cannon, Fusion Cannon, Anti-air Rocket Launcher

Lowtech: Grenades

Lowtech: Mini-rocket launcher

Kamikaze drone, MR, RK, FC drones

APU modules
Ball module, Ball Blast module, Barrel module, Multi-energy bolt, Multi-lightning bolt

Role of AoE damage

Whilst these prove advantageous to a sole PvE'r the AoE weapon range is fairly limited in the realm of PvP due to it's non-direct hit capability and in team PvE due to the unpredictable damage direction, which could unfortunately kill one of your team.