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The Law Enforcer, or LE, was developed by Biotech as part of the MC5 Project. The Law Enforcer effectively blocks the subject from carrying out aggressive action toward other runners. The Law Enforcer is routinely installed on all runners who undergo treatment at the Mc5 facility including those for whom the process fails. It is illegal, under Neocron law, to remove the LE. It is, however, a simple procedure that is often carried out by experienced Runners, and although refusing to revoke the law against LE removal, CityAdmin rarely enforces it as the extra manpower that runners without the Law Enforcer bring to the war is much needed in order to uphold the safety of Neocron.

LAW Enforcer #1

LAW Enforcer #1

LE Removal

Removal of the LE is very simple, albeit, time consuming. Simply drag the LE from its implant slot into your inventory. A construction process will automatically begin and you need only wait for it to finish. Beware however that this may take as long as 10 minutes. During the process, you will be unable to use your processor window, and your movement speed will decrease dramatically.

Pro's and Con's of being UnLEed

Removing your LE is, of course, not without danger, (especially for low level runners) but it is not without reward either. Once your LE is out, you will gain the ability to join clans as well as compete with other players in PVP. You will also free up the fourth brain implant slot that was originally taken up by the LE. However once your LE is out, you are no longer safe from other players. You cannot choose when or where to PVP and the only areas where your safety is guaranteed are the city safezones. Friendly fire in Neocron is fully unlocked; even a player of an allied faction may attack you, if you are unLEd.

Joining a Clan

Joining a clan will give you some degree of safety, but it can also make you a prime target depending on the current political situation. Joining a clan should always be done with some consideration. If you are not keen on constantly fighting for your life, it may be better to remain clanless, since clanless characters are often ignored during the constant civil wars within the ranks of the two alliances. However you may be more of an exposed target to enemy faction members without the backing of a good clan.

XP and Cash Penalty

In Patch 183, an experience and cash penalty was introduced for runners wearing the Law Enforcer implant.

  • A reduction in earned experience becomes active once a runner reaches a base rank of /30, beyond this level the reduction increases to a maximum of 25% at a base rank of /60 and above.
  • A reduction in earned cash becomes active once a Runner reaches a combat rank of 30/, beyond this level the reduction increases to 50% at a combat rank of 60 and above.