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The GenTank is a product of the Ceres Wars. He is particularly robust and strong and was bred as a genetically engineered soldier. After the war was over, the human tanks were left to themselves for ‘humanitarian reasons’ rather than being destroyed. Due to the fact that the original genetic blueprint did not call for any particular emotional or intellectual prowess, a GenTank cannot develop any Psi skills. This emotionally disturbed individual is extremely aggressive and talented in the use of all kinds of weapons.

Base Primary Skill Caps

The Tank class caps their primary skills at the following levels:

  • Intelligence: 25
  • Strength: 100
  • Constitution: 100
  • Dexterity: 75
  • PSI: 0 - meaning a tank can not learn any Psi abilities at all


The gentank can choose between the professions of: Driver, Soldier and Beserker. GenTanks have the highest Strength and Constitution skill caps within the game, but have no psi skill. This lack of PSI skill means that GenTanks have to depend on allies, First Aid Medical Kit Survival Kit or the nanite tool for healing on the go. They are, however, able to sustain more damage without Psionic aid than any other class, and have access to some of the highest damage output within the game.


Changes for Gentanks as of NC 2.2 in the re-balancing project include the complete removal of the PSI skill in favour of 5 more Intelligence levels and 5 more Dexterity levels, as well as a special healing nanite tool comparable to a TL-10 heal in strength.

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