Fire Mobs

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A large number of Fire Mobs from a drone view


The term Fire Mobs usually refers to Fire Elemental monsters in the CRP region. They are a viable alternative for hunting unidentified Tech Parts aside from Warbots and Warbot Titans. They attack by casting homing fireballs that trigger a burning damage-over-time effect. Some also cast an Area-of-effect stun, which lowers the runner's movement speed. They start at rank 64 and go up to level 120/120.

Where to Hunt?

Canyon area. You can see that the area is around the volcano in the world map. These areas house a lot of Fire Mobs and are very suitable for ground-vehicle usage as well. The use of gunned vehicles is highly recommended, and the monsters do not require to be hacked for loot.

Gearing Up

Fire resist helps here a lot. Various items and buffs can boost your Fire Resist. For example, Inquisition Armors 1-4, Heat Resist Boosters 1-3 and Holy, Resist Potion: Fire and Red Dragon drug, Blessed and normal Shelter. Having roughly over 100 Fire Resist/Armor in total makes the battles noticeably easier.

List of Mobs

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