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Combat 32.png
Image of Warbot
Race Unknown (Mechanical)
80 ***
Wealth 5,794 nc
Loot Tech Part
Damage types

x-ray Damage
energy Damage
force Damage

Armour types

Resists piercing Damage
Resists energy Damage


The Warbots were designed by Ceres, using the information held within the Ceres disk, in response to Regant's GenTank army. The Warbots were first encountered by the residents of Neocron in the battle of 2578, in which they successfully defended the Dome Of York against the GenTanks. As the war went on, an ever-increasing number of Warbots were produced to combat Neocron. The war ground to a standstill as the PSI Monks, under Regants command, produced more and more GenTanks to fight them.

Eventually, Ceres discovered the plans for neutron bomb that would destroy life in the wastelands, but leave his own soldiers unharmed. Ceres rapidly deployed the weapon on the battlefield, killing thousands of GenTanks with acute doses of gamma radiation. He threatened to use the new weapon against Neocron itself if his enemies did not surrender. However, Ceres did not realize that the PSI Monks had already copied the Warbots' radiation shielding and utilized it to create an armored suit. The suit enhanced the reflexes and capabilities of the GenTanks, and the next wave of GenTanks walked into battle fully protected against the new threat. With the aid of the new protection and power granted by the suit the GenTanks vanquished the Ceres Warbots and invaded the Dome of York, ending the conflict.


The Warbots can be found all across the northern wastelands, especially in the zones surrounding the Military Base, but also the area type "Steppe" like for example around Blakkmist Garbage Dump. They are divided into 2 classes: the standard Warbots 80/80, and the Warbot Titans 88/88. An additional set of Warbots are the Juggernauts as numerously found in the Juggernaut Facility.

Upon death, the corpse of the Warbot is locked and requires a hacking TechLevel of approximately 60 to be looted. Both Warbots and Warbot Titans may drop unidentified Tech Parts. When hunting the Warbot it is best to attack at a distance and keep out of their range, they can paralyse you for a short amount of time which will greatly reduce your movement speed.