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The Skill Window (F5)

In game you can view your Skills via the Skills Window, this can be access by pressing F5 or pressing Tab and clicking Skills at the top of the screen.

Skill Window Explanation

Main Skills

All characters have 5 skills that they can level up:

  • Intelligence
  • Strength
    • Used for increasing effectiveness with Cannons or Melee weapons, increase carry weight capacity and resisting damage
  • Constitution
    • Used to increase Health Pool, increase speed, increase stamina pool and resisting damage
  • Dexterity
    • Used for tradeskilling, driving and increasing effectiveness with Pistols, Rifles or Drones
  • PSI Power
    • Used to increase effectiveness with PSI modules and resisting damage

As you gain experience in a Main Skill you will eventually level that skill up and be rewarded with skill points to spend on subskills to improve your characters effectiveness.

Each skill has a level cap which is dependant on the character's class, each class has a maximum of 300 skill levels when added together. For instance a Spy can level Intelligence up to 100 whereas a Tank can only level Intelligence to 25. This composition of how far each class can level skills gives each class their strengths & weaknesses.

Class Skill Caps
Monk 100 20 45 35 100
Private Eye 60 60 65 80 35
Spy 100 40 40 100 20
Gentank 25 100 100 75 0


Each Main Skill has a series of Subkills that sit beneath it. Allocating points into these subskills increases your effectiveness in activities which require or are influenced by that subskill. For example increasing your Hacking subskill makes hacking easier, increasing Body Health grants you a higher Health Pool and increasing Rifle Combat increases your damage output with Rifles.

The below links give you more detail on each subskill.

Intelligence Subskills

Strength Subskills

Constitution Subskills

Dexterity Subskills

Psychic power Subskills

Skill Point Allocation

Every time, you gain a Level-Up on one of your Main Skills you are rewarded with 5 Skill Points, which you can distribute to your subskills.

As higher you train your Subskill, the more Skill points it costs to increase:

  • Subskill level 0-50 one Skill point equals one Skill level.
  • Subskill level 51-75 two Skill points equals one Skill level.
  • Subskill level 76-100 three Skill points equals one Skill level.
  • Subskill level 101+ five Skill points equals one Skill level.


Rank is Neocron's version of Level. A runner's rank is reflective of their experience and prowess during their time in game. It also is the a measure of difficulty, so as the number grows when facing runners and mobs, you should be increasingly cautious.

Player Rank (xx/xx)

A runners rank is shown with 2 numbers (xx/xx) by their name when looking at another runner, or in the top of the skills (F5) menu for you personally. The first number reflects the Combat Rank, and the second reflects the Base Rank.

Combat Rank (xx/ )

A runners combat rank is formulated based on a mixture of the weapon being used (or in the top weapon slot when no weapon is active) and the combat skills of the player. The exact formula is not known, but the higher tl of the weapon mixed with the ranks of combat skills will increase the runners combat rank.

Base Rank ( /xx)

A runners base rank is the average of all of their current ability scores. Implants, armor and drugs adjust this rank as the ability scores change.

NPC Rank

NPCs each have a single rank. This number is formulated from a mixture of their stats, hitpoints and weaponry type.