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Outzone Map

The Outzone is the outermost section of Neocron. Formerly the home of the city's working class and the majority of its population, Lioon Reza's space program left the area depopulated and derelict.

It connects to Pepper Park, Industrial A, Main Sewer, the Wastelands and the Subway System.


Generally, beware of randomly spawning Dragon's Wrath Members 80/80 with shotguns.


Overview Map

Map of the Outzone. More are on the THN homepage under Maps.

Outzone Subway Station


Sector 1

Home of the old Outzone Mall, located on the sub-level of the sector. Access to the Outzone / Mall Enter A, B and c runner apartments. Two GoGuardians. Two entrances into the Subway.


On ground level:

  • Pain 25/25, a friendly Hurler
  • Corpse of NExT Employee

In the Outzone Mall:


Outzone Water Treatment SEC-1 Map

On ground level:

  • Outzone Sidestreet SEC-1A
  • Outzone Water Treatment SEC-1
Outzone Sewer SEC-1 Map

In the Outzone Mall:

  • Outzone Sewer SEC-1

Sector 2

Nearly in middle is a Citycom and a Gogu.


  • Outzone Sidestreet SEC-2A
  • Storage Level 7 (Storage Halls 2)

Runner Facilities

Sector 3

This Sector looks like a clean storage area. When you enter from Industrial A Sec 2, you will see two Wireless R.N. Netlink Stations.
In the south you can find a Citycom and a Gogu.
In the south east, its a way to Outzone Sec-9 and in the south west you can go to Outzone Sec-6.
In the south end, it have a intressting hole with a Citycom.
Sometimes the friendly npc's need to respawn, the mobs can attack them.



Sector 4


This Sector looks like a narrow industrial back alleys, This sector, moving away from the subway station, starts to show more boarded up buildings and debris as well as missing chunks of pavement. In the center north is a small mutant encampment room on the second level. In the center south past a door towards Outzone 6 is a gogo and citycom. One interesting area involved climbing a ladder to walk on meal corrugated roofing over an alley.



Sector 5

Home to many mutant warriors of various levels including flame thrower ones. To the south, there is an abandoned church, in which an Asian prostitute named Angel Moon offers her services.

Sector 6

Entrance into Main Sewer SEC-3. A way in the middle lead to Outzone Sec-4. The way in north east go to Outzone Sec-7.
In the south of the map, behind a blocked door (you have to jump over some crates) is a Wireless R.N. Station and a Gogu.
It has a ground floor and upper floor, interessting jump'n'run place, but no content to interact with.


no knowing NPCs there


no more dungeons, then Main Sewer SEC-3

Sector 7

A dark place. With some high level mobs.

This sector is inhabitated majorily by mutant spellcasters in the range 20 to 26, otherwise a few Aggressors and Aggressor Captains as well as one or two Aggressor Majors 36. It spawn different level 20 and 100 mobs. This highest-ranking mob is a single Vicious Enforcer 100, which looks about like a Butchee, shoot with a SMG. You a lot of respawn waves, after maybe two hours, the level 100 mobs will spawn.

The design of the sector is pretty dense and small-scale. It features a powerplant with an outside area and a multi-level building (4 floors) with a hallway on each level. Several doors open up to side-rooms and machine rooms, therefore the mobs are nicely separated and grouped. You may need to duck/crouch to get past the main ladder. A sector good for training AOE weapons as well as Constitution midst the mutant spellcasters.

Outzone 7 was re-opened with patch 199 and uses Enemy Wave Spawns. Before, this zone was off limits and has been so for 10 years before that. The only entry into Outzone 7, via Outzone 6, was blocked by a fence. It was supposedly closed due to difficulties with the mob spawn.

Sector 8

This sector is guarded by Jailhouse Guards 90/90, some of which seem to shoot anybody on sight - faction affiliation seems to be Anarchy Breed. Destroyed CopBots furnish this anti-CityAdmin place.

City Exit

City exit with NPC Gordon

To the west of the sector, there is a normal city exit leading to sector A 09.

The NPC Gordon can be found here.

Supplies Area

Supplies Area - medical part

On the way to the city exit, one passes a small hospital with Dr. John McIntyre and a medical supplies vendor, guarded by one Jailhouse Guard. North of that, there is also an ammunition dealer, a parts dealer and a GoGuardian.

The NPCs Mole, Dixie Flatline and Hal O'Brian, a drunken beggar can be found here.

Jailhouse Entrance

Jailhouse Entrance; view coming from Outzone 5
Jailhouse outer entrance into bar area

Coming from Outzone 5, one enters here and either enter westwards into the Supplies Are or enter the Outzone Jailhouse eastwards. In the old entrance area of the jailhouse, there is a GoGuardian and a bar area (Club Jailhouse Bar or Jailhouse Bar Area). If one does not mind the mentioned guards, one can enter and it is fine for visitors once inside.

The following NPCs are present:

  • Paul Poody
  • Gregor Goody
  • Moe Moody
  • a Jailhouse Moneyman, looking like a Faction clerk
  • Archer

Runner Services:

  • a Yo's All-buyer (mis-labeled as selling "Simple Misc Stuff")
  • a GoGuardian

On the same side as the Jailhouse Entrance, there is also a hole in the wall with a sewer, which connects to Outzone sector 4.


Jailhouse Courtyard
Actual entrance to Club Jailhouse

In the old jailhouse courtyard, there is the actual entrance to the Club Jailhouse. Beware of guards behind that entrance. Stairs go down into the old cell block, the three-level main part of the club.

In one eastern corner, there is a passage going around into the next area, the obvious ...

Hole in the Ground (?)

Hole in the Ground with everything visible

This presumably also used to be a courtyard of sorts, today the only significant thing here is a long ladder going down.

There is also a hole in one wall, which leads to a short sewer, going westwards to the Jailhouse Entrance and further to the north end of sector Outzone 4. So this is another way to get to Outzone 8.

Floor of the Hole

Mine entrance = backdoor entrance into Club Jailhouse
Entrance to Secret Passage 2 with NPC Billy

You can enter into the Secret Passage 2 or into a "closed" mine entrance, leading to the underground resp. lowest level of the Club Jailhouse, so it is like a backdoor entrance into it. Either bring a flashlight or follow the dimly visible tunnel pillars.

The NPC Billy can be found here.

Club Jailhouse

Upon entrance, one descends via a staircaise onto the upper-most level. Counting from there, it has 3 levels total with a ramp up going into ground level of Outzone SEC-8 in a spiral fashion. The whole old jailhouse cell block, including the lowest = the underground level, was converted into a large club with the cells serving as rooms and habitats for severals NPCs, including several prostitutes. The whole club inside is decorated like a Red Pepper Entertainment club.

As with the Outzone Mall, it is clear that there used to be a lot more going on here - or will again be. It includes serval closed-off rooms and "sorry we are closed" doors.


The hostile Jailhouse Boss roams the inside of the club, which fires a red-color xray weapon. Several Jailhouse Guards are posted. It is usually possible to evade or run away from these mobs.

On the upper two levels, the following NPCs are located:

  • Jailhouse service = barkeeeper
  • Dagger
  • Fish
  • Missy
  • Zulu
  • Shela
  • Ying-Tai
  • Caroline
  • Jailhouse Trader for Apartments TODO add this kind of trader
  • Jailhouse Trader Low-Tech Weapons

One of the rooms is also a small Brotherhood of Crahn refuge, containing:

  • Father Sidious
  • Brother Tom
  • Brother Lui

On the bottom, underground level, there are thes NPCs Fred and Hank. Here is also the underground exit to the Floor in the Hole part of this sector.

Runner Services:

Sector 9

This sector features the Crahn Church and a city exit into Wastelands sector A 07. Another way lead you to Outzone Sec-3.

Crahn Church

The church is heavily guarded on the outside and on the inside by its Inquisitors = 120/120 APU monks. Not sure if they are aggressive to visitors. Father Agnus 50/50 preaches from behind the altar.

Behind the church altar, there is an entrance in the Faction Office, not to be confused with the Faction HQ, which is located in Pepper Park 3. The office is the seat of the Crahn Faction Council to plan, as it says in dialogue texts. The faction office assistant assures the player that the Crahn monks will rule Neocron again.

One of the cells in the eastern corridor in the church basement has a ladder in the floor, leading to a low escape tunnel with a NeXT employee corpse out to Wastelands sector A 06. The western basement corridor has a Street Hawker all-buyer in a cell.

The church features two GoGuardian, a Recreation Unit and two Wireless R.N. Terminals on the middle floor from the stairs.

On the upper floor, there is also a bar area, several GoGuardians, Wireless R.N. Terminals (called "Wireless R.N. station" in-game) and several shopkeepers ("Resource Supply Managers") selling tech parts, chemicals and tools, though these are not Faction Supply Managers. In the attic, there is a Supply box.


Sector 2

Sector 3

Sector 6

a lot of all this:

Sector 7

Sector 9